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SCOPE proudly intoduces new version of Calibration Standart SCALE TCV, specially designed to check calibration of SCOT and HISAC series instruments of SCOPE. Highly stable and precise signals of SCALE TCV are applied to SCOT and HISAC series instruments for calibration. SCALE TCV is calibrated from acceredited calibration laboratory and is provided with calibration certificate having traceability to national standards.


  • Simple, lightweight, portable
  • Linear ramp signal generation for calibration of Trael and Velocity
  • Highly stable current source for calibration of Current channels
  • Contacts having precise close and open time for calibration of Timing channels
  • Calibration port for calibration os SCALE TCV from external Standard
  • Specially designed to calibrate SCOPE make SCOT and HISAC series products


Technical Specifications

Sr. No.  Parameter Standard Value Sr. No.  Parameter Standard Value
1  Open Time (Main)  50 mSec 5  Current  1 A
2  Close Time (Main)  100 mSec 6  Ramp Voltage  4 V
3 Open Time (Auxiliary) 30 mSec 7 Open Ramp Time  75 mSec
4 Close Time (Auxiliary) 75 mSec 8 Close Ramp Time  150 mSec

General Specification

  • Weight - Approx 3 kg
  • Dimensions - 225mm x 150mm X 85 mm
  • Power supply - 230 V AC + 15%, 50 Hz + 10%
  • Environment - 0 to 50°, 95% RH (Non-condensing), typical testing labs.


  • Soft carrying case
  • Test leads suitable for calibration of SCOT and HISAC series instruments.
  • Instruction manual
  • Calibration procedure manual
  • Calibration Cetificate from acceredited calibration laboratory having traceability to national standards
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RT Mon

SCOPE introduces, for the first time in the country, the most powerful Real Time On-Line system for continuous monitoring of Circuit Breaker performance in HV / EHV substations.

RTMon consists of Field Unit which is inatalled near CB in IP enclosure, a PC in control room loaded with RTMon software and the communication link between the two.

No. of CBs in one subatation can be monitored by installing one field unit per CB, and they will communicate with central PC.


  • The RTMon system is set up to monitor the signatures/ values of following parameters directly using sensors:
    • Close/ Trip Coil Current, Line/ Fault Current
    • Station DC Voltage
    • Close / Trip Auxiliary Contact Timings (field configurable wet/ dry)
    • Spring charging motor Current & Time
  • RTMon continously monitors static parameters like SF6 gas pressure or density , pneumatic or hydraulic pressure, temperature etc.
  • The RTMon system calculates following parameters:
    • Projected Main Contact Timings.
    • Arcing Time and Fault Clearing Time.
    • Cumulative Fault Current.
  • Provision for mechanism travel available. Can be used if suitable travel transducer with fixture is available.

Features of RTMon Software

  • Viewing, analysis and comparison of test data with previous signatures or pre-set limits.
  • Dynamic calculations on graphical information for easy on-screen analysis
  • I ndication of any abnormality in real time helps planning of diagnostic testing
  • I n a substation having many RTMons, the software stores the signature data in a structured database to relate data to each CB / pole.


  • Trigger: Automatic, on coil current or auxiliary contact change over when the circuit breaker operates.
  • Sampling Rate: 10 kHz
  • Auxiliary Contact: 6 Wet OR Dry contacts, field configurable, 15V to 300V DC input of wet contact.
  • Coil Current: Records 'Trip 1' & 'Close' on 3 channels & 'Trip 2' on 3 channels. Total channels 6. Upto 25A.
  • Line/Fault Current: Records Trip/Close Line/Fault currents on 3 channels for 3 phases.
  • Motor Current: Records Motor current upto 25A and spring charging time upto 60 Sec on 3 Channels.
  • Station DC Voltage: Records variation in Station DC voltage during operation on 2 channels upto 250V DC.
  • Spare Channels: 3 Analog input channels (0-5V input) each for SF6 gas and air or hydraulic pressure.
  • Memory: Inbuilt, non volatile, 256 MB flash.
  • Communication: RF, wired or fiber optic communication with remote PC.
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SA Mon

SAMon from SCOPE is a powerful Online Leakage Current Monitoring system for continuous monitoring of metal oxide (Zno) Surge Arrester leakage current in live EHV / UHV substations.

It consists of portable Field Unit which is intalled near SA in IP enclosure, a PC at control room on which SAMon software is intalled and a Communication link between the two.

SAmon monitors Third Harmonic Resistive Leakage Current (THRC) which reflects the healthiness of SA, as per IEC 60099-5 B2.

Field Unit contuinously measures THRC at pre-set time interval and sends to central PC located in control room for monitoring all SAs in substation, multiple Field Units are used.


  • State of the art, on-line test system for Residual Life Assessment of Surge Arrester (LA).
  • Measures 3rd harmonic resistive leakage current and total leakage current as per IEC 60099-5 B2.
  • I nbuilt system harmonic compensation.
  • Temperature compensation through inbuilt temperature sensor.
  • Specially designed low-noise permanent mounting type CT and field probe.
  • Authentic, time-stamped test results, data management through built-in real time clock, memory, PC connectivity & analysis software.

Features of SAMon software

  • Create library of SA to be monitored with all relevant ID & rating data.
  • Set time interval between measurements. SAM Supplied with suitable Test Leads & aluminium transport case on unit will capture & transmit data accordingly.
  • Trend analysis of SA performance possible by using Analysis Software.
  • The SAMon analysis software is installed in the central PC. At decided interval PC sends request to the analyzing unit. The analyzing unit samples data from all the surge arresters calculates
    the parameters and send it to PC.


  • Total leakage current range – up to 10mA.
  • Resistive leakage current range – up to 10mA.
  • Field probe current range – up to 1mA.
  • Resolution – 1μA.
  • Accuracy – 5%
  • Power – 90 to 230 V AC or DC.
  • Communication: RF, wired or fiber optic communication with remote PC.
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”XC 2100E, a Fault Location System based on principle of travelling wave detection is the solution to above problem. It can detect not only permanent fault, but also transient fault within one tower span accuracy (with best accuracy of ±50 meters). It is a kind of Line Monitor for continuous monitoring of transmission lines and gets triggered whenever travelling waves are generated on line due to switching, lightening or fault.

There are various methods employed for fault location detection. However the most suitable is Double End Method in which XC 100E are installed on both ends of the line, and are time synchronised by built-in GPS Module.

The data from both Units is brought to a Master Station where the Master Station Software XCF 2100E is installed. It automatically calculates the distance of fault from each end of line. Each XC 100E is capable of monitoring up-to 8 lines and the Master Station Software is capable of handling large no. of lines in a network.


  • TWFL system is free from influence of following factors which aff ect fault location accuracy of impedance based measurement methods like:
    • Resistance of line
    • Voltage & Current Transformer (CT & PT) errors
    • Insufficient accuracy of line parameters due to neglecting of line transposition, distributed capacitance etc.
    • Uncertainty of zero sequence impedance due to variation of earth resistance along the line corridor
    • Load flow
  • TWFL system monitors travelling waves at both ends of transmission lines & provides accurate fault location(fault distance, tower number) for all type of power lines including:
    • AC, HVDC and Series Compensated Transmission Lines
    • Lines with T branches
    • Lines containing cable and overhead line sections
    • Measuring fault distance of single phase to ground fault in non-eff ectively earthed Distribution System
  • Travelling wave measurement technique used gives fault location within one tower span and with best accuracy of ±50 meters irrespective of line length, line parameters, fault resistance, CVT transients, conductor & tower geometry.
  • Such accurate fault location greatly reduces the search time to find out the fault to help quick recovery of the system.


Parameter XC-2100E
No. of Channels 3-24 configurable for 1-8 line
Input Module AD Module: Direct current input from substation Protection CT
AI Module with split core CT: Current Input through a split core CT
AI Module with external CT: Current Input through an external CT
AV Module: Input from substation VT
Length of Transient Record 1 to 20ms Programmable
Power 85 to 264V, 50/60 Hz AC or 90 to 260V DC
Sampling Frequency 36 MHz, 12 MHz, 8 MHz, 6 MHz, 4.8 MHz, 4 MHz, 3 MHz, 2.4 MHz, 1.5 MHz, 1 MHz & 500 kHz
Accuracy of Fault Location Best Accuracy to ±50 meter
GPS Accuracy 100ns
Memory 8 GB
Communication port 2 Ethernet ports, 2 DB9 RS232, USB
Communication protocol IEC60870-5-104, IEC 61850
Immunity Conforms to relevant IEC standards
Operating Temperature - 10°C - 55°C
Storage Temperature -40°C to 85°C
Physical Dimension 2U, 19”

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Corona Camera

ULIRvision Gas infrared camera TG series are patented product, enable to scan and diagnose SF6 leaks even in small amounts in the electrical substations and equipment’s. As the SF6 is perfect dielectric to quench the arcs so it is widely used in gas Insulated Substations, Circuit Breakers and other switchgears but it has significant impact on global climate change. ULRIvision SF6 leak detector spots and detects gas leakage accurately with vivid thermal video images from ground level whether leakage is at nearby or from meters away.


  • High Sensitivity: make detection process easier, faster and more accurate
  • Auto operation: automatically adjust laser intensity
  • Dual display design : viewfinder + LCD screen
  • Built in 4.0 mega pixel digital camera to provide bright visual images
  • Safety Inspection: for Predictive and Preventive to detect SF6 leakage at from safe distance
  • No shutdown requires while at operation
  • Easy documentation: high resolution thermal video images and visible pictures can be saved in SD card; all images can be viewed on the device or at PC.


Parameter TG80 TG60
 Detect Gas SF6 
Gas Sensitivity 1 micro liter/second 
Measurement Distance 0.5 to 30 m 0.5 to 20 m
Image frequency 50 Hz 25 Hz
Accuracy ± 1mm ±2mm
Temperature resolution 20mk 35mk
Spatial Resolution 0.45mrad 0.45mrad
Visible Camera 4 mega pixels 2 mega pixels
Memory Storage 2GB SD card
Image Format JPEG (Visible or Thermal)
Video Format H.264 thermal video
Image Display JVC high resolution viewfinder 3.5” colour LCD
Weight 7.8 Kg 7.6 Kg
Battery Running Time Approx. 2 hours
Charger Input 110 to 220 V 50Hz AC
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Thermal Imaging Camera

The Infrared signals can’t be seen by human eyes, however all objects with a temperature above absolute zero emits infrared thermal radiations for that only thermal imaging cameras can convert infrared radiations into electrical signals to make it visible.

TI160 & TI384 with high thermal sensitivity of 65mk can identify the smallest temperature variation from the object and display it by excellent thermal images. A potential fault always coming with the partial overheat / overcool, so the user can locate overheated / overcooled part with ULRIvision’s Thermal Imaging Camera instantaneously and more detail analysis about fault can be done in Thermal Imaging Analysis Software.


  • Excellent thermal image and high accurate temperature measurement
  • Wide temperature measurement range Laser pointer helps user to locate object easily while at operation
  • Automatic temperature correction.
  • Exchangeable IR lenses for more flexibility
  • Built in microphone to record 40 sec voice annotations
  • High temperature measurement option by fitting high-temperature filter lens
  • Automatic Hot/Cold/Average spot recognition and easy operating menu
  • Multifunction PC Analysis Software IRSee


Parameter TI160 TI384
Temperature Range -20°C to +120°C / 0˚C to 350˚C (Switchable) Up to 1200˚C Optional
Accuracy ±2°C or ±2% of reading
Measurement Spot 4 Adjustable Spots
High Temp. Alarm Voice, Colour
Detector Type Uncooled FPA (Micro-bolometer)
Detector Resolution 160 X 120 Pixels 384 X 288 Pixels
Spectral Range 8 ~ 14μm 8 ~ 14μm
Field of View (FOV) (*Opational Accessory) 21° X 16° / 0.15m (standard lens)
35° X 27°/0.05m (wide angle lens)*
4˚×3˚/0.8m (telephoto lens)*
18° X 14°/ 0.15m (standard lens)
30° X 23°/0.1m (wide angle lens)*
9˚×6˚/0.8m (telephoto lens)*
Spatial Resolution(IFOV) 2.3 mrad (Standard lens) 1.0mrad (Standard lens)
Display Built in 3.5” Colour LCD
Digital Zoom 2X
Storage Type Built in flash card up to 1500 images Built in flash card up to 800 images
Files Format Standard JPEG, 14 bit measurement data include 
Voice Annotation 40s voice record, stored with per image via built in microphone 
AC Adapter 110-240V 50/60Hz AC 
Weight 650 g 
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Gas Infrared camera

UVSee TD90 is an innovative Non Destructive Equipment, that detects, pinpoints and documents flash arc corona and arcing partial discharge camera. Being with high sensitivity UVSee TD90 is a power tool to detect UV emission in full daylight with high signal from faraway and nearby sources. UVSee TD90 is an ideal predictive maintenance device for Transmission Lines and High Voltage Substations.


  • High sensitivity to UV signals
  • Precise location of camera for emitting sources
  • Auto focus for UV and visible channels
  • Back ground noise reduction
  • 5.7” folding and touchable colour LCD
  • Voice or LED UV events alarm
  • Rapid optical zoom of the visible channel
  • Videos and image capturing, recording and playback
  • Built in GPS
  • UV events counter
  • UVsee report software for documentation
  • SD card for upgrade the instrument firmware


UV - Optical Properties:

  • Image Type: Monochrome Video
  • Minimum UV Sensitivity: 3 × 10-18 watt/cm2
  • Minimum Discharge Detection:1.5pC @ 8 meters
  • Spectral range: UV 240 to 280 nm
  • Field of View H × V: 5.5˚ × 4.0˚
  • Focus: Full manual and auto for UV and visible channels
  • Frequency: 50 Hz

Visible – Optical Properties:

  • Image Type: Colour Video
  • UV/visible Overlay Accuracy: better than 1 milliradian
  • Minimum Visible light Sensitivity: 0.1 lux
  • Zoom Factor: 26 × optical and 12 × digital

Processing And Communication:

  • Image Processing: UV Image Enhancements
  • Alarm: Audio or LED
  • Menu: Button Operation or Touchable Operation
  • Location: GPS
  • Audio Modes – Microphone inputs for audio notes

Data Storage:

  • Storage Media: 2G SD Card
  • Image Format: JPEG
  • Video Storage: AVI Compressed Format
  • Storage capacity: 8000 images, or >4 hours video

Power Supply, Environment, Physical:

  • Charger Voltage: 110-220 V AC, 50-60 Hz / 9 V DC 4 A
  • Power Consumption: 10 W
  • Battery Type: rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Battery Run Time: 2 Hours
  • External Supply: 9-12, 10 VA
  • Operating Temperature: -20˚C to 55˚C
  • Storage temperature: -25˚C to 60˚C
  • Humidity: 95% , Non condensing
  • IP Level: IP54
  • Size: 238mm × 165mm × 91mm
  • Weight: 2.5 kg
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Hi-Pot Series

SCOPE introduces a high voltage test set, these high voltage testing sets comes with Power frequency AC high voltage /DC high Voltage test /AC-DC high Voltage test set for testing transformers, motors, insulators, cables etc. Further, these testing sets are capable of giving continuously variable HIGH VOLTAGE from zero to maximum rated output voltage. Wide range of up to 100 kV is available in user selectable combinations.

The product was designed considering the importance of safety of the operator and thus we provide independent Control Unit & High Voltage Transformer. The kit has various interlock to avoid any kind of accident while doing the high voltage test set.


    • Zero Start Interlock
    • Open Ground Facility
    • HT On / Off Lamp Indication
    • Over Current Protection
    • Short Circuit Protection
    • Audio Visual Alarm
    • Emergncy Stop Button
    • Compact, Portable and Rugged
    • Suitable for Field Use


        • Input Voltage : 230 V AC / 50 Hz
        • Voltage & Current Display : Analog Meter or 3½ Digital Meter
        • Measurements Accuracy : ±2% ±1 Digit
Ouput Voltage (kV)    Current (mA)                  AC                DC               AC-DC       
3 200 Yes Yes Yes
5 200 Yes Yes Yes
10 100 Yes Yes Yes
15 100 Yes Yes Yes
20 50 Yes Yes Yes
25 50 Yes Yes Yes
30 25 Yes Yes Yes
40 25 Yes Yes Yes
50 10 Yes Yes Yes
60 10 Yes Yes Yes
70 10 Yes Yes Yes


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