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CRM 100B+

CRM 100B+

SCOPE introduces its next generation of hugely popular CRM series contact resistance meters, CRM 100B+ in all new super light avatars, based on cutting edge ultra capacitor technology. CRM incorporates some state of the art hardware & smart software features making it a must have tool for testing & maintenance engineers. 

CRM directly measures micro-ohm values at 100 Amps DC under live EHV switchyard conditions quickly & accurately.

CRM is specially designed to reliably measure micro-ohm contact resistances of circuit breakers,isolators, busbar joints, earth switch joints, welded joints etc., under the hostile electrostatic noise found in live EHV switchyards up-to 765 kV. SCOPE’s ability to make electronics work in such environment enables CRM to measure millivolts signal in the presence of kilovolts noise. CRM is equally suitable for MV / HV / EHV equipments and is very useful to Power Companies, Equipment Manufacturers, Testing & Commissioning Companies and Test Laboratories etc.

Models CRM 100B+ having in-built 100A current source making use of innovative technology that makes them the lightest 100 Amps micro-ohm meter available.



  • A radically new design makes CRM the lightest available contact resistance meter.
  • Simultaneous & multiple samples of test current and voltage drop are taken at high speed using fast & high resolution ADCs.
  • Resistance will be calculated by taking actual V/I ratio and averaging of individual samples giving stable & accurate results.
  • It makes it independent of test current variations.
  • Autoranging. Direct display of micro-ohm value does away with manual calculations.
  • Create Device Under Test Identification data (DUT Library) on PC and upload to instrument. Save the test
  • Results in respective DUT folder in kit. Download the same to PC in similar folder structure.
  • In built real time clock, memory and printer. Test time stamping on each record enables time references for future use.
  • Fool-proof connections and repeatability are ensured by SCOPE’s specially designed proprietary Ck clamps.
  • Supplied with rugged calibrated test lead set suitable for 4 wire measurement.
  • Optimised test lead set design gives lengths enough for testing EHV CBs, yet are lightweight.
  • Mains as well as rechargeable Li-ion battery operated. In built battery monitor and cut off circuit for
  • Protection against battery deep discharge.
  • Simple operation. Tests can be conducted even by technicians.
  • Instrument is continuously available for measurements one after the other. No ON/OFF duty cycle.
  • Enclosed in ultra rugged IP67 class hard moulded case.
  • PC Downloading & Analysis including ‘Trend Analysis’ possible with “CData CRM” Software supplied with kit.
  • Instrument debug options like memory check, printer check, PC downloading check are provided.



Parameter CRM 100B+
Test Current (DC) 100A plus. Peak Test Current will be decided by the load resistance, however100 A minimum is guaranteed.
Resistance Range 0-200μΩ, 2000μΩ, 20mΩ ( Autoranging)
Resolution 0.1 μΩ, 1 μΩ & 10 μΩ on above ranges
Accuracy Value ± 2% ± 1 Digit
Output Voltage(Max) 10 VDC
Operation Modes Stand Alone & PC Control
Display 4 Line X 20 character LCD. 3 ½ digit display for Test Current & Resistance
Printer In-built, Thermal Printer
Keypad 5 keys
Memory 1000 records, Internal
Inbuilt Battery Li-Ion, 11.1V, 4 Ah
Battery Charger

Input Supply - 100 to 300 VAC, 50/60 Hz ± 10% 

Output Voltage - 13.5 VDC, 1000 mA

Communication Port



CData CRM - For PC Control & PC Downloading & Analysis, Windows based


0 to 50°C, Upto 95% RH (Non condensing)


340 x 295 x 155 mm

Instrument Weight

4 kg


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