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Corona Camera

Corona Camera

ULIRvision Gas infrared camera TG series are patented product, enable to scan and diagnose SF6 leaks even in small amounts in the electrical substations and equipment’s. As the SF6 is perfect dielectric to quench the arcs so it is widely used in gas Insulated Substations, Circuit Breakers and other switchgears but it has significant impact on global climate change. ULRIvision SF6 leak detector spots and detects gas leakage accurately with vivid thermal video images from ground level whether leakage is at nearby or from meters away.


  • High Sensitivity: make detection process easier, faster and more accurate
  • Auto operation: automatically adjust laser intensity
  • Dual display design : viewfinder + LCD screen
  • Built in 4.0 mega pixel digital camera to provide bright visual images
  • Safety Inspection: for Predictive and Preventive to detect SF6 leakage at from safe distance
  • No shutdown requires while at operation
  • Easy documentation: high resolution thermal video images and visible pictures can be saved in SD card; all images can be viewed on the device or at PC.


Parameter TG80 TG60
 Detect Gas SF6 
Gas Sensitivity 1 micro liter/second 
Measurement Distance 0.5 to 30 m 0.5 to 20 m
Image frequency 50 Hz 25 Hz
Accuracy ± 1mm ±2mm
Temperature resolution 20mk 35mk
Spatial Resolution 0.45mrad 0.45mrad
Visible Camera 4 mega pixels 2 mega pixels
Memory Storage 2GB SD card
Image Format JPEG (Visible or Thermal)
Video Format H.264 thermal video
Image Display JVC high resolution viewfinder 3.5” colour LCD
Weight 7.8 Kg 7.6 Kg
Battery Running Time Approx. 2 hours
Charger Input 110 to 220 V 50Hz AC
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