Wide area monitoring systems (WAMS) are based on the new data acquisition technology of phasor measurement and allow monitoring transmission system conditions over large areas in view of detecting and further counteracting grid instabilities.

Current, voltage and frequency measurements are taken by Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs) at selected locations in the power system and stored in a data concentrator (PDC) every 100 milliseconds. The measured quantities include both magnitudes and phase angles, and are time-synchronized via Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers with an accuracy of one microsecond. The phasors measured at the same instant provide snapshots of the status of the monitored nodes. By comparing the snapshots with each other, not only the steady state, but also the dynamic state of critical nodes in transmission and sub-transmission networks can be observed. Thereby, a dynamic monitoring of critical nodes in power systems is achieved.

This early warning system contributes to increase system reliability by avoiding the spreading of large area disturbances, and optimizing the use of assets.

Control & Relay Panels

We at SCOPE T&M Pvt Ltd have developed our expertise to meet customer expectation in the area of Design, Engineering, Manufacturing & testing 33KV to 765KV Control & Relay Panels. With our ‘State of the Art’ Factory set up at Pune. We can handle multiple projects with the production capacity up to 200 Panel per month. Know More

Substation Automation System

With Experience of Supply & Commissioning of Control &Relay Panels, We provide Substation Automation Solution also. We have an excellent knowledge and rich experience to integrate control & Relay Panels with Substation Automation System devices and software. We handle multiple protocols like IEC61850, IEC 60870-5-10X, DNP3, MODBUS etc. We can integrate multiple make relays (IED’s) with SAS on open protocol. Know More

Controlled Switching Device

Our Experience in understanding the DUT(Reactor or Transformer Breakers) through our T&M Vertical has helped us to bring the Intelligent system to operate the CB on ‘ZERO Crossing’ with the ‘point on Wave Controller’ technology in association with our valuable Collaboration. More than 250+ devices are already in operation in Indian Power Sysytem. Know More

RTU Automation Solution

Apart from substation automation we have solution for SCADA/OMS/DMS/EMS required for state load dispatch centres (SLDC’s) and distribution management system. We have excellent RTU based automation system which is extremely cost effective solution for the conventional s/s to convert them to fully automated substation and make them compatible to smart grid. Know More

Circuit Breaker(CB)are designed to switch On & Off the circuit. Under a fault condition; No sooner it receives the command to Open, It opens the circuit but while doing so the CB goes through tremendous stresses and contact are opened to Arc. All this can be reduced using a Controlled Switching. SCOPE in association with Vizimax, Canada offers a Controlled Switching Device (CSD) for MV/HV/ EHV/UHV Circuit Breakers, SynchroTeq series, is the one and only “Manufacturer Agnostic” solution, applicable to either brand new or existing equipment.

This Point on wave operates with intention to have minimum stress on CB while opening or closing keeping the primary function of the CB to switch the circuit in minimal time and without affecting the Grid.

When SynchroTeq Plus receives a CLOSE command, a time delay is initiated, awaiting the first zero-crossing of the phase A voltage for synchronization of the C/B mechanical operation. Should no zero-crossing be detected within the pre-set time delay, controlled switching is aborted and a three-phase random CLOSE is executed if allowed. Should a zero-crossing occur within the pre-set delay and providing no failures are detected, the SynchroTeq Plus sends controlled CLOSE commands to each phase.

The computed time delays are measured from the reference zero-crossing and the time is adjusted to account for environmental factors, measurement sand variations in the C/B characteristics of each phase.

Best Switching strategy for Closing

Load Type R Y B
Capacitor Bank Yg 90° 210° 150°
Capacitor Bank Y and D 30° 120° 30°
Shunt reactor Yg 90° 210° 150°
Shunt reactor Y and D 60° 60° 150°
Transformer Yg- Yg 90° 210° 150°
Transformer Yg- D 90° n*90° n*90°
Line 120° 150°

Best Switching strategy for Opening (Current 0)

Load Type R Y B
Capacitor Bank Yg 90° 210° 150°
Capacitor Bank Y and D 90° 180° 180°
Shunt reactor Yg 90° 210° 150°
Shunt reactor Y and D 90° 180° 180°
Transformer Yg- Yg 90° 210° 150°
Transformer Yg- D 90° 210° n*90°
Line 90° 210° 150°


  • Capacitor Banks
  • Shunt Inductors
  • Power Transformer

Advantage of using Controlled Switching Device

  • Can be used on any technology of circuit breaker
  • Can manage the energization of power transformers based on the residual flux
  • Advanced C/B timing compensation
  • Fast response time
  • Huge event/waveform memory capacity (2000 Events)
  • Waveforms recordings are COMTRADE compatible
  • Simple and secured web interface
  • Remote support
  • Compatible with IEC 61850, DNP3.0 and MODBUS

The SynchroTeq unit improves the operating conditions of the circuit breaker:

  • It reduces the possibilities of re-strike and re-ignition
  • It reduces the inrush current and optimize the arcing time, and therefore reduce the contact wear on the circuit breaker

Nothing is worse than random closing: therefore, SynchroTeq improves the situation!
The SynchroTeq unit is 100 times more accurate and repeatable than a typical circuit breaker:

  • The SynchroTeq control timing is done using a 10 microsecond resolution
  • The SynchroTeq+ alarm detection and feedback measurement is evaluated using a 100 microsecond resolution.

Isn’t a digital electronic system more accurate and repeatable than a mechanical system such as a circuit breaker?

The SynchroTeq unit records the event and waveforms during the opening and closing operations, therefore it is used as a circuit breaker diagnostic tool:

  • If something goes wrong with the circuit breaker, alarms are generated
  • SynchroTeq records all the alarms an operation, including the waveforms data of the CB operation

SCOPE entered into business of Protection division through control & relay panel. Through its state of art factory which can handle around 200 panels at a time. With the intention to provide correct solution to customer at a correct price, SCOPE entered into this business in 2009.

Retrofitting at Sub-station
Change in technology has opened the door for this business. Generating stations/ sub-stations which were made Live few decades back were now falling behind due to lack of technology. In earlier days most of the relays were electro-mechanical type. Maintaining this relays now-a-days is becoming a challenge in itself.

New edge technology relays which are able to communicate with grid in the most recent communication option are available. Which would help in up-gradation & give the correct status to grid are required.

Thus in order to be in line with recent technology many Generating stations /sub-stations are opting for retrofitting of these relays. We with our expertise are providing the best solutions to the customer.

Grid Automation / RTU based automation
Due to drive from central government to bring all existing/ new substation at a common platform for communicating which could ensure the smooth running of Grid. Retrofitting of all the existing equipments like Transformer, CB, Relays is not possible because of financial or any other constraints.

SCOPE in association with VIZIMAX offers an intelligent and efficient module based automation solution on the RightWON platform for Generation, Transmission & Distribution. With the help of RightWON platform, we can do.

Automation and modernisation of Power Generation Sites by connecting them to the network, safely and reliably by remotely controllable automated activation or termination of IPPs’ sites, Lock/unlock remotely the circuit breaker at the production site based on network conditions and security requirements, Energy value acquisition of each generated phases within each IPP’s site, Automatic generation of reports and statements of measured values for IPP’s central operation centre, Real-time transmission of signal and alarm communications to IPP’s central operation centre, Local event journal generated on all status changes and parameters affecting network outages and many more functions.

Substation Automation
Flexible, Interoperable and Secure Solutions for All Substation Configurations – legacy level to full DNP3/IEC 61850 IEDs; Meet NERC critical infrastructure protection (CIP) requirements; Serve as a gateway between energy protocols and multiple providers of SCADA systems through the OPC DA or UA standard; Communication with SCADA; Scalable and redundant solutions through expansion modules and plug-ins; Clock synchronization compliant with the IEEE 1588 standard.

Distribution Automation
for power utilities’ networks through Decentralized Intelligence having the features like Self-Healing Grid; Fault Detection, Isolation and Restoration (FDIR); Volt/VAR Optimization; Feeder protection & control; Telemetry/PMU etc.

In totality, RightWON platform & SynchroTeq Plus provides a baseline for Merging of

Features and Advantages of RightWON System:

  • DMU: Digital Merging Units for acquisition and control of analog I/Os, in compliance with IEC (GOOSE)
  • AMU:  Analog  Merging  Units  for  acquisition  of  transformers’  current/voltage  signals,  in compliance with IEC 61850-9-2 (Sampled Values) and
  • IMU: Integrated Merging Units, combine DMU and AMU in compliance with IEC 61850-8-1 (GOOSE) and IEC 61850-9-2 (Sampled Values)

Features and Advantages of RightWON System:

  • From legacy device to tomorrow standards.
  • Multi-protocol acquisition and Data processing - access to new and existing IEDs
  • Fully IEC 61131-3 compliant PLC
  • IEC 61850 Client, GOOSE, Server interfaces, IEC 60870-5-10X, SDI-12, Modbus, DNP3, Master, OPC, IEC 61400-25, CANBus/CANopen third-party devices, KEMA certifications.
  • Communication Gateway consisting of enough number of Inputs, Outputs, Ethernet, Serial Ports, Modems & also a GPS clock synchronisation.
  • NERC CIP compliant, DNP3 Secure V5 support, user authentication, audit logging.
  • Web operating interface, Display and monitor remote facilities, Pure Web graphic synoptic with PC Editor
  • Multiple Management and Monitoring Functions:
  • Standalone, web-based operation as well as local SCADA communication or central site management