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Surge Generator

Surge Generator

SCOPE offers CFL Series, new generation Cable Fault Locator Test System, an ultimate solution for locating all types of underground cable faults in minimum time, thus saving long outages and consequential revenue loss & inconvenience. SCOPE offers full range of products required for fault location of LT/HT telecom and power cables. It includes various models of Surge Generators (Thumpers), Pre-Locators, Pin-Pointers, SIM Filters and Audio Generators. Based on application requirements correct models can chosen and product configuration can be optimized.

Brief table giving availability of models is given hereunder.


Product Model
Surge Generator (Thumper) CFL SG 1605/1610/3210/3220
Pre Locator CFL PL2, CFL PL3, CFL PL4
Pin Pointer CFL PP3
Audio Generator CFL AG2
Cable Identification System CFL CIS

Cable Fault Surge Generator: CFL SG Series
SCOPE offers CFL SG Series Surge Generators ranging from 16 kV to 32 kV and 500 Joules to 2000 Joules.


  • Compact, rugged design.
  • Key Lock Switch to prohibit unauthorized operation.
  • Variac Zero & Output Plug Interlock for HV circuit.
  • HV Switch Interlock.
  • Over Heat Protection at 70 deg C.


Parameter CFL SG1605 CFL SG1610 CFL SG3210 CFL SG3220
Output Ranges 0-4/0-8/0-16 kV 0-8/0-16/0-32 kV
Output Energy 500J 1000J 1000J 2000J
Impulse Period Sequence Single Impulse/ 4 Sec /8 Sec Single Impulse 2 Sec/4 Sec /8 Sec.
Fault Distance Measurement Mode ICM (Internal Current Coupler) / SIM Filter
Output Voltage Indication Moving Coil Meter with 3 Ranges
Protections Key Lock Switch , Variac Zero Interlock, HV Switch Interlock , Output Plug Interlock,
Over Heat Protection with LED Indicator
Input Supply 230V AC +/-10%, 50/60Hz
Environment 0 to 50 deg C, 95% RH (Non-condensing)
Housing Elegant, rugged aluminium housing. CFL SG will be directly mounted inside trolley,
if optional trolley is purchased.
Dimensions 484(L) X 360(W) X 580(H) mm 540(L)X 430(W)X 750(H) mm Main Unit: 540 (L)X 430 (W)X 750 (H) mm Additional Capacitor Bank: 540 (L)X 300 (W)X 400 (H) mm
Weight 55 Kg. 60 Kg. 95 Kg. 95 Kg. + 40 Kg.



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