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SCOPE offers HISAC Swift - Circuit Breaker Operational Analyser for checking the performance of the circuit breakers. The Analyser contains various intelligent measuring modules designed for measuring parameters such as contact timings of Main/PIR & Auxiliary contacts, Close/Trip Coil Current characteristics and Static Contact Resistance of R, Y & B poles simultaneously. The results can be directly viewed on the TFT touch screen display in graphical as well as numerical form. It is possible to print the graph on built-in thermal printer or download record to PC for further analysis on CPLOT software. This all in one instrument is best suited for gang operated CBs.


  • Operations: C, O, C-O, O-C, O-C-O with configurable delays and Static Contact Resistance.
  • Setup: Breaker information data entry and system settings are possible through the touch screen keyboard, which automatically invokes when this menu is selected.
  • Contact Timing: Channels for 3 Main and 3 PIR Contacts with 0.05mS resolution.
  • One internal channel to measure Close and Trip coil current.
  • Three multiplexed channels to measure Contact resistance with 0.1μΩ resolution and range up to 2Ω.
  • TFT color graphical display with touch screen. Displays the menu which is operated through touch screen.
  • Graph is displayed after the operation with full resolution.
  • Printout: Through inbuilt, 56mm thermal printer is provided for printing test header, graph and calculation.
  • Memory: Provided with 2 MB inbuilt memory. Can store up to 75 records.
  • Windows based CPLOT software to download the record to PC through USB connectivity for further analysis & storage.
  • Type Tested as per IEC 60068, IEC 61326 & IEC 61010-1. CE marked


Channels Configuration Range Resolution Accuracy
Contact Status  6: 1 main + 1 PIR per pole, 3 poles Simultaneously  Measurement duration 1mS to 4S @ 1kC, 0.05mS to 200mS @ 20kC 1mS @ 1kC 0.05mS @ 20kC Value ±0.05%
± resolution
Auxiliary Contacts 2: Dry / Wet Selectable 15 to 300V DC (for Wet Channels) 1mS @ 1kC 0.05mS @ 20kC Value ± 0.05% ± resolution
Coil Current 1: Trip / Close coil current 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50A DC 0.1% of selected range Value ± 1% ± resolution
Contact Res. Channels 3: Multiplexed 3 Channels.10A Max. 200μΩ, 2000μΩ, 20mΩ, 200mΩ & 2Ω, auto ranging 0.1μΩ @200μΩ 1% of range ± resolution
  • Breaker Control: Two solid state contacts rated at 50A, 300V AC/DC for breaker operation.
  • Sampling Speed: 20kC, 10kC, 5kC, 2kC & 1kC selectable.
  • Plot Length:200mS at 20kC, 400mS at 10kC, 800mS at 5kC, 2000mS at 2kC and 4000mS at 1kC
  • Display : 320 x 240 pixel 5.7” color TFT LCD with LED back light, touch screen
  • Printer: 56 mm paper width, thermal printer
  • Environment: 0 to 50 deg C, 95% RH (non condensing).
  • Power: 96-246V AC, 50/60 Hz, 25VA (approx)
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