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SCOPE introduces CBSCOPE – Loco Circuit Breaker Test System; the ultimate solution for testing Loco Circuit Breakers of all types. CBSCOPE is the most complete analyzer for checking the dynamic performance of Loco VCBs; both Single bottle and Double bottle.


  • CBSCOPE Measures timings, bounce, and simultaneity of contacts
  • Analyses contact travel characteristics for speed, contact gap, overtravel and rebound.
  • Displays settings, graphical and tabulated test results.
  • Incorporates powerful and practical Windows™ based Test Manager Software to control & operate instrument; also to view, analyse and handle graphical test data on a laptop at high resolution.
  • Specially designed test commands for all Loco VCB testing.
  • Analysis of test results provides inputs to assess and correct:
    • Settings for contact timings.
    • Closing and Opening speeds, over-travel, rebound and contact wipe.
    • Trip/Close release mechanism settings.


Channels Configuration Range Resolution Accuracy
Contact Timing 3: 2 for double bottle VCB, 1 spare Measurement duration 1 mS to 40 Sec at 1 kC, 0.05 mS to 2 Sec at 20 kC 1 mS at 1 kC 0.05 mS at 20 kC Value ± 0.05% ± resolution
Auxiliary Contacts 2: Trip/ Holding & Close Coil current 1, 2, 5, 10, 25 A DC 0.1% of range at 1A 0.004% of range Value ± 0.5% ± resolution
Voltage (Travel) 2: Travel characteristics 0-5 V DC 1.2 mV at 25A Value ± 0.5% ± resolution
  • Breaker Control: Two solid state contacts rated at 35A, 300V AC/DC for breaker operation (Close & Trip).
  • Trigger Options: Open Close, C-O, O-C, O-C-O, and delay between operations configurable.
  • Sampling Speed: 20kC, 10kC, 5kC, 2kC, 1kC selectable.
  • Travel Channels: For linear / rotary resistive transducers. 0-5V DC excitation source in-built.
  • Communication Port : Ethernet port for communication between laptop and instrument
  • Power : 230V AC + 15%, 50Hz + 10%, 70VA Approx
  • Test Leads: Suitable to test Loco VCBs. Leads supplied are of suitable length, thickness, insulation quality & mechanical strength. They have colour coded terminators, quick-fit type rugged clamps & identification labels.
  • Supplied with suitable Test Leads & aluminium transport case
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