SCOPE entered into business of Protection division through control & relay panel. Through its state of art factory which can handle around 200 panels at a time. With the intention to provide correct solution to customer at a correct price, SCOPE entered into this business in 2009.

SCOPE developed the capacity for complete Engineering & designing of the Control & relay panel. With the experience gained by ISOSCELES engineers for testing of relays & scheme had helped lot in post building of CRP’s.

We had worked with various EPC’s and Various State Electricity Boards for their 110Kv to 400Kv projects. Solutions provided by SCOPE are well accepted by our esteemed customers. We have always tried to provide the solution which would be taking care of all technical aspects demanded by customer but while doing that we have being conscious to provide it at the minimal price to our customer.

We give consultancy services for designing better and efficient Protection & Automation systems with better technological advancements. This includes but not limited to

  • Design of Protection Scheme
  • Panel Design and Layout
  • Relay Integration and Configuration
  • Protection System Integration
  • System Study and Feasibility analysis for Automation of Old / Existing substations

We design, assemble, supply, integrate, test and commission different type of Relay and Control Panels required for Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Industrial applications.

This includes the following:

  • Generating Station
    • Generator Protection
    • Excitation Control
    • Motor Protection
    • Generator Transformer Protection, etc.
  • Transmission System (up to 765kV)
    • Line Differential Protection
    • Distance Protection
    • Transformer Protection
    • Tie-breaker Protection
    • Bus coupler & TBC protection
    • Bus-bar Protection
    • Synchronisation Panel
    • Feeder and Auxiliary protection
  • Distribution System
    • Feeder Protection
    • Transformer Protection
    • Motor Protection
  • Industrial Application
    • Feeder Protection
    • Transformer Protection
    • Motor Protection
    • Capacitor Bank Protection End Customer Name EPC Name Solution provided Voltage Rating
1 Maharashtra State Electricity Transmission Co. Ltd NA Busbar Protection 220KV
2 Maharashtra State Electricity Transmission Co.Ltd NA CRP 220 kV/ 132 KV
3 Tamil Nadu Transmission Corporation NA Distance Protection 110 KV
4 WELSPUN Solar Bharat Bijlee CRP 132/33KV
5 Tamil Nadu Transmission Corporation NA Feeder protection, Bus Coupler and Busbar Protection 110KV
6 Vitthalrao Shinde Sahakari Sakhar karkhana Namrata Services CRP 220KV