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Hi-Pot Series

SCOPE offers HPT Series of High Voltage Test Sets capable of injecting variable High Voltage from zero to maximum rated output voltage continuously. Wide range Hi-Pots, up to 50kV, are available in different output options such as power frequency AC or DC or AC-DC Combined. HPT Series is specifi cally designed for safe and accurate measurement of leakage current to evaluate insulation integrity of transformers, motors, insulators, cables etc. Years of Design, engineering and manufacturing experience have made HPT Series of High Voltage Testers the most durable, easily operated and best-designed sets in the segment.

The product was designed considering the importance of safety of the operator and thus we provide independent Control Unit & High Voltage Transformer. The kit has various interlock to avoid any kind of accident while doing the high voltage test set.


    • User friendly and simple operation
    • Compact, Lightweight and Housed in rugged transport case
    • Ideal choice for testing dielectric withstanding capacity of insulation
    • Available with the option of Combine or Separate Control Unit
    • Analog or Digital meters is provided for displaying output voltage in kV and current in mA
    • Different Protections / Interlocks to ensure user safety such as Variac Zero Interlock, Emergency Stop,Overcurrent Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Earth OK Interlock, Input Supply Protection etc.
    • User-friendly indications such as Power ON, HV ON-OFF, Earth OK, Over / Under Voltage etc.
    • Optional Timer, Foot / Hand Switch and Beacon / Buzzer for additional Safety
    • Protective terminals to prevent any accidental contact with HV
    • Automatic discharge upon shutdown


Output Voltage

Max Output Current Option (Imax)

AC DC 10mA 20mA 25mA 50mA 100mA
HPT 3A 3kV -
HPT 3D - 3kV
HPT 3C 2kV 3kV
HPT 5A 5kV -
HPT 5D - 5kV
HPT 5C 3kV 5kV
HPT 10A 10kV -
HPT 10D - 10kV
HPT 10C 7kV 10kV
HPT 15A 15kV - -
HPT 15D - 15kV -
HPT 15C 10kV 15kV -
HPT 20A 20kV - -
HPT 20D - 20kV -
HPT 20C 14kV 20kV -
HPT 25A 25kV - -
HPT 25D - 25kV -
HPT 25C 17kV 25kV -
HPT 30A 30kV - - -
HPT 30D - 30kV - -
HPT 30C 21kV 30kV - -
HPT 40A 40kV - - -
HPT 40D - 40kV - -
HPT 40C 28kV 40kV - -
HPT 50A 50kV - - -
HPT 50D - 50kV - -
HPT 50C 35kV 50kV - -


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TI160 - P5

TI 160-P5 is a special thermal imaging camera for human body temperature measurement only. Its has Accurate temperature measurement, real-time imaging, ability to quickly lock the hot-spot. It is been widely used in airports, docks,railway stations, schools, shopping malls and other public places to check human body temperature abnormalities. Palmetto design, compact and lightweight, integrated visible light function. Reliable performance and accurate temperature measurement can effectively improve the efficiency of detection.


      • 160 x 120 un-cooled detector
      • Measuring accuracy 0.5°C
      • Fusion and overlay of the thermal image & visible image
      • 40s voice record & alarm
      • Multi-mode for temp. measurement, max./min./avg temp, auto tracking,isotherms analysis
      • 3.2" ,270° rotatable and foldable LCD
      • Motorized lens, auto focus
      • Tiny size, light weight 400 gms
      • Free professional analysis software



Parameters  TI160-P5
Field of View  24 x 18°
Minimum Imaging Distance  15 cm
Resolution  160 x 120 pixels 
Spectral range  7.5 - 14 µm 


IFOV 2.3mrad
Focus  Auto/motor
lens (optional) 45°×34°/15cm,  12°×9°/1m
Display  3.2", 270° tiltable, resolution 800 x 480 pixels
In built Visual Camera  3.0 MP, CMOS, Auto Focus, 1 LED Supplementary light 
Zoom  1x - 4x continuous 
Contrast / brightness Auto/Manual
Color Palettes  12 palettes(including iron, rainbow, white hot and black hot etc.)
Temperature range +30°C to 45°C
Measurement accuracy ±0.5°C
Measurement model 4 adjustable boxes with max./min./avg temperature value
 Measurement correction  Auto/Manual
Emissivity correction Adjustable from 0.01 to 1.0 or selected from list of materials
Setting Date/time, temperature unit °C/°K /K 
Internal memory Built-in flash card, up to >700 images
SD Card  8G SD card, up to >11200 images
Storage mode  Auto/Manual store image in frame
Operation   with single phase 230 V ±10% or battery 
Battery life  3 hrs continuous
Operating temperature -20°C  to +50°C
Storage temperature  -40°C to +70°C
Humidity  95% non-condensing
Size  158mm×62mm×54mm
Weight  ≤0.4kg (with battery and standard lens)
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TD 100

TD100 is an innovative NDT - Non-Destructive Testing equipment, which detects, pinpoints and documents flash-arc corona and arcing partial discharge camera. Being with high sensitivity, it is a power tool to detect UV emission in full daylight with high signals from faraway and nearby sources.

TD100 is an ideal predictive maintenance device for overhead transmission lines and high voltage substations. It is widely used in Transmission line inspection, electrical utilities, HV research institutes, HV Electrical component inspection, HV panel inspection, service providers, laboratories and so on


      • High sensitivity up to 3.0 × 10-18watt / cm2
      • Noise interference is small, using an all-day blind detector
      • Accurate superposition and positioning of the whole area of ultraviolet and visible light
      • Hand-held inspection, easy to complete the inspection
      • Synchronous focusing of ultraviolet and visible light
      • SD card online upgrade function
      • High integration and low power consumption
      • Professional report analysis software, more conducive to on-site situation analysis
      • Small size, light weight, easy to operate



Parameters  TD 100
Minimum UV sensitivity 3.0×10-18watt/cm2
Minimum discharge detection 5pC@10m
Radio voltage detector sensitivity 3.6dBμV@1MHz
Spectral range  240-280nm 
Field of View (FOV)

6.4° x 4.8°

Focus Auto/Manual(Follow visible light)
Zoom 2x
Detector life span No Degradation
LCD screen   Visible 5” LCD screen under sunlight, 800×480
Image modes Display only ultraviolet light image/display only visible light image/combination of visible light and ultraviolet light
UV/Visible overlay accuracy  ≤1mrad
Status Indicators Battery power, gain, photons, date, focusing mode, stacking module, GPS
User configuration settings Corona colour (White, Red, Green, Yellow, Purple), Time, Sleep Mode, Alarm threshold
Image format JPG
Video format AVI
Media download Via Card Reader, USB
Storage capacity 1000+ images or >1 hr video/1GB
External power DC: 9V~12V
Battery type Lithium battery (rechargeable)
Operation runtime 4h continuous (normal temperature)
Power Consumption 10W
Operation   with single phase 230 V ±10% or battery 
Mains adaptor AC:110V~240V or DC: 50Hz~60Hz/9V 3.8A
Operating temperature -10°C  to +50°C
Storage temperature  -25°C to +60°C
Humidity  90% non-condensing
Encapsulation  IP 54 
Size & Weight  290mm×136mm×87mm , 1.39 kg 
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TI 330+

TI330+ is with a cooled detector(T2SL, NETD<25mK) to detect gas leaks and pinpoint the gas leaks location accurately, also offers temperature measurement. It is a multifunctional device for gas leakage detection and thermography applications.

TI330+ provide safe & efficient inspection at long distance without shutting systems down, scans large areas & numerous objects rapidly, sees into areas that are difficult to reach with contact measurement tools and enhances predictive maintenance at the same time. It is an ideal device for chemical/petrochemical application such as offshore platforms, oil refineries and natural gas processing plants


      • Cooled T2SL detector, sensitivity ≤0.025℃, pinpoint gas leaks location quickly
      • Dual-application: Gas leakage detection and thermograph application
      • Temperature range: -20℃~+350℃
      • Inspection without interrupting the process
      • Interchangeable lenses available
      • Built-in 5.0 MP digital camera
      • Folding and 270°rotatable display



Parameters  TI 330+
Detector Data
Type Cooled FPA, Type II Super Lattice(T2SL)
IR resolution 320 x 256
Pixel Pitch  30μm 
Spectral range


NETD/Sensitivity 25mK
VOC gas sensitivity ≤0.001ml/s
FOV/Focal distance   10°×7.5°/55mm
Minimum imaging distance 2m
IFOV 0.55mrad
Focus Manual
Image Performance
Display 5”,color LCD, 800×480 pixels
Built-in visible light camera 5 megapixel CMOS, autofocus, 1 LED fill light
Frequency 50Hz
Digital zoom 1X~8X continuous
Colour palettes 12 palettes(including iron, rainbow, white-hot and black hot etc.)
Contrast/brightness Auto/Manual
Temperature range -20℃~+350℃
Temperature accuracy  ±2℃/±2%(reading)
Spotmeter 10 adjustable spots
Line profile Vertical/Horizontal
Area 5 adjustable boxes with max./min./avg temperature value
Image Storage
Storage  8G SD card(can be extended to 32G)
Video output Card reader, USB, WiFi 
IR image format JPEG, 14-bit measurement data image included
Video storage High definition video stored in SD card(MPEG4/H.264 format), recording time up to 1 hour for per video
Voice annotation 40s voice record, stored with per image
Periodic image storage 10s to 24h
Power System
Battery type Rechargeable li-ion battery
Charging system In-camera, AC adapter, car charger
Laser Point Grade/Type Class 2,1mW/635nmRed
Operation temperature range -15℃ to +40℃
Storage temperature range -20℃ to +50℃
Humidity  ≤95%(Non-condense)
Size & Weight 308mm×142mm×166mm, ≤2.5kg(with standard lens)
Main Gas Detection VOC, benzene