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Thursday, 17 August 2017 04:39 Written by

Hi-Pot Series

SCOPE introduces a high voltage test set, these high voltage testing sets comes with Power frequency AC high voltage /DC high Voltage test /AC-DC high Voltage test set for testing transformers, motors, insulators, cables etc. Further, these testing sets are capable of giving continuously variable HIGH VOLTAGE from zero to maximum rated output voltage. Wide range of up to 100 kV is available in user selectable combinations.

The product was designed considering the importance of safety of the operator and thus we provide independent Control Unit & High Voltage Transformer. The kit has various interlock to avoid any kind of accident while doing the high voltage test set.


    • Zero Start Interlock
    • Open Ground Facility
    • HT On / Off Lamp Indication
    • Over Current Protection
    • Short Circuit Protection
    • Audio Visual Alarm
    • Emergncy Stop Button
    • Compact, Portable and Rugged
    • Suitable for Field Use


        • Input Voltage : 230 V AC / 50 Hz
        • Voltage & Current Display : Analog Meter or 3½ Digital Meter
        • Measurements Accuracy : ±2% ±1 Digit
Ouput Voltage (kV)    Current (mA)                  AC                DC               AC-DC       
3 200 Yes Yes Yes
5 200 Yes Yes Yes
10 100 Yes Yes Yes
15 100 Yes Yes Yes
20 50 Yes Yes Yes
25 50 Yes Yes Yes
30 25 Yes Yes Yes
40 25 Yes Yes Yes
50 10 Yes Yes Yes
60 10 Yes Yes Yes
70 10 Yes Yes Yes


    Tuesday, 05 May 2020 08:01 Written by

    TI160 - P5

    TI 160-P5 is a special thermal imaging camera for human body temperature measurement only. Its has Accurate temperature measurement, real-time imaging, ability to quickly lock the hot-spot. It is been widely used in airports, docks,railway stations, schools, shopping malls and other public places to check human body temperature abnormalities. Palmetto design, compact and lightweight, integrated visible light function. Reliable performance and accurate temperature measurement can effectively improve the efficiency of detection.


        • 160 x 120 un-cooled detector
        • Measuring accuracy 0.5°C
        • Fusion and overlay of the thermal image & visible image
        • 40s voice record & alarm
        • Multi-mode for temp. measurement, max./min./avg temp, auto tracking,isotherms analysis
        • 3.2" ,270° rotatable and foldable LCD
        • Motorized lens, auto focus
        • Tiny size, light weight 400 gms
        • Free professional analysis software



    Parameters  TI160-P5
    Field of View  24 x 18°
    Minimum Imaging Distance  15 cm
    Resolution  160 x 120 pixels 
    Spectral range  7.5 - 14 µm 


    IFOV 2.3mrad
    Focus  Auto/motor
    lens (optional) 45°×34°/15cm,  12°×9°/1m
    Display  3.2", 270° tiltable, resolution 800 x 480 pixels
    In built Visual Camera  3.0 MP, CMOS, Auto Focus, 1 LED Supplementary light 
    Zoom  1x - 4x continuous 
    Contrast / brightness Auto/Manual
    Color Palettes  12 palettes(including iron, rainbow, white hot and black hot etc.)
    Temperature range +30°C to 45°C
    Measurement accuracy ±0.5°C
    Measurement model 4 adjustable boxes with max./min./avg temperature value
     Measurement correction  Auto/Manual
    Emissivity correction Adjustable from 0.01 to 1.0 or selected from list of materials
    Setting Date/time, temperature unit °C/°K /K 
    Internal memory Built-in flash card, up to >700 images
    SD Card  8G SD card, up to >11200 images
    Storage mode  Auto/Manual store image in frame
    Operation   with single phase 230 V ±10% or battery 
    Battery life  3 hrs continuous
    Operating temperature -20°C  to +50°C
    Storage temperature  -40°C to +70°C
    Humidity  95% non-condensing
    Size  158mm×62mm×54mm
    Weight  ≤0.4kg (with battery and standard lens)