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Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal Imaging Camera

The Infrared signals can’t be seen by human eyes, however all objects with a temperature above absolute zero emits infrared thermal radiations for that only thermal imaging cameras can convert infrared radiations into electrical signals to make it visible.

TI160 & TI384 with high thermal sensitivity of 65mk can identify the smallest temperature variation from the object and display it by excellent thermal images. A potential fault always coming with the partial overheat / overcool, so the user can locate overheated / overcooled part with ULRIvision’s Thermal Imaging Camera instantaneously and more detail analysis about fault can be done in Thermal Imaging Analysis Software.


  • Excellent thermal image and high accurate temperature measurement
  • Wide temperature measurement range Laser pointer helps user to locate object easily while at operation
  • Automatic temperature correction.
  • Exchangeable IR lenses for more flexibility
  • Built in microphone to record 40 sec voice annotations
  • High temperature measurement option by fitting high-temperature filter lens
  • Automatic Hot/Cold/Average spot recognition and easy operating menu
  • Multifunction PC Analysis Software IRSee


Parameter TI160 TI384
Temperature Range -20°C to +120°C / 0˚C to 350˚C (Switchable) Up to 1200˚C Optional
Accuracy ±2°C or ±2% of reading
Measurement Spot 4 Adjustable Spots
High Temp. Alarm Voice, Colour
Detector Type Uncooled FPA (Micro-bolometer)
Detector Resolution 160 X 120 Pixels 384 X 288 Pixels
Spectral Range 8 ~ 14μm 8 ~ 14μm
Field of View (FOV) (*Opational Accessory) 21° X 16° / 0.15m (standard lens)
35° X 27°/0.05m (wide angle lens)*
4˚×3˚/0.8m (telephoto lens)*
18° X 14°/ 0.15m (standard lens)
30° X 23°/0.1m (wide angle lens)*
9˚×6˚/0.8m (telephoto lens)*
Spatial Resolution(IFOV) 2.3 mrad (Standard lens) 1.0mrad (Standard lens)
Display Built in 3.5” Colour LCD
Digital Zoom 2X
Storage Type Built in flash card up to 1500 images Built in flash card up to 800 images
Files Format Standard JPEG, 14 bit measurement data include 
Voice Annotation 40s voice record, stored with per image via built in microphone 
AC Adapter 110-240V 50/60Hz AC 
Weight 650 g 
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