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Battery bank installations are important & essential part of various power, communication, information technology & industrial set-ups. In order to ensure healthy performance of such installations, the batteries used need to be properly monitored. One of the quick check methods is to measure the battery voltage & conductance of individual cells of a battery string and to identify & eliminate weak battery cells and save battery string from further degradation.

SCOPE's BCT 1 is the comprehensive battery operated, portable, hand held Battery Conductance Tester suitable for all Lead Acid & Nickel Cadmium cells having cell voltage of 1.2V / 2V / 6V / 12V. This is all in one single unit that allows you to measure without taking the battery system OFF LINE.


  • Smart, rugged and portable hand held device.
  • Suitable for batteries up to 6000 Ah.
  • Tests all types of batteries having cell voltage of 1.2V / 2V / 6V / 12V. Option of self-defined voltage is also available.
  • On line measurement- No need to disconnect cell / string from system.
  • Simultaneously tests cell terminal voltage, internal conductance and relative percentage capacity of the cell.
  • Built-in refrence value or selft defined value for comparison of test results with standart values.
  • Low frequency testing effectively avoids interference from capacitive resistance of battery itself.
  • Stable and accurate results in presence of high interference.
  • Fast operation & quick stabilization. Auto saving of results.
  • Colour touch screen display as well as operation through keypad.
  • Large memory to store results of up-to 3000 cells.
  • Auto-calibration of unit before testing.
  • Over voltage protection & audio alarm.
  • Analysis of results through PC Data Management Software including Histogram.


Parameter Range Resolution Accuracy
 Conductance (Siemence)  100 to 19990Ω  0.01mΩ ±1.0% of reading ± 6 digit
 Voltage  0 to 16V 1mV ±0.2% of reading ± 6 digit
 Measuring Cells Per String Up to 254   
 Display Colour TFT touch screen LCD, 320 x 240 pixel, 3.5"   
 Memory 3000 test results   
Power Supply Li-ion battery   
Working Time > 5 hours continuous   
Environment 0°C to 50°C, up-to 95% RH (Non-condensing)   
Dimension (L x W x H) 210 mm x 110 mm x 60 mm
Weight 2 kg (including accessories)   


Standard Acessories

  • Test Cables with Clamps : 1 pair
  • Battery Charger : 1
  • USB Pen Drive with Software : 1
  • USB Converter Cable : 1
  • Soft Carrying Case : 1
  • Instructions Manual : 1
  • Factory Test & calibration report : 1

Optional Acessories

  • Test Cables with Pin Type Probe : 1 pair
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