Our expertise in the field of power has helped us to understand the System in a better way, so we have started sharing our expertise of power by providing the Load fow studies or analysis. This group has eminent personalities from related felds who can undertake the complete power sector studies required by/for Generation, Transmission, Distribution, Industrial and Renewable energy procedure. Through this group, we are capable of ofering various solutions to the Power Sector including

  • Load Flow Study
  • Short Circuit Study
  • Relay Settings & Load Study
  • Voltage profle Study
  • Voltage Stability Study
  • Transient stability Study
  • Lightning and Switching Over Voltage Study
  • Insulation Co-ordination Study
  • Harmonics & Power Factor Control Study
  • SVC Application Study
  • Reliability Study

Training Services

We also conduct training programmes on various aspects related to Power Sector. Our modular training courses will give better understanding of the subject. We conduct basic and advance level training programmes according to users’ needs and skills in various areas such as:

  • Substation / Switchyard Testing including the orientation on DUT, Testing Instruments, Analysis of Test Results and Good Testing Practices
  • Power System Protection including the orientation on Protection Schemes and Relay Testing
  • Substation / Switchyard Safety Practices etc