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Three Phase Relay Test Kit

Three Phase Relay Test Kit

SCOPE along with PONOVO Power Co ltd provides the all numerical relay test kit which can test various type of relays from Numerical to Electromagnetic relays.The Kit is software controlled through ethernet port which make it more relaible.This windows based software is easy to use.Advance software can be made available optionally. 

Brief table giving availability of models is given hereunder.


  • Test all types of relays – Numerical, Electro-mechanical, Static, etc.
  • Three phase and Single phase relays can be tested
  • Sufficient numbers of independent voltage & current generators with wide voltage & current selection range
  • Phase angle, frequency & amplitude of each generator can be varied independently
  • Operates on Single Phase Supply
  • Professional and user friendly software
  • Plotting of bias characteristics & impedance characteristics
  • Inbuilt timer for measurement of relay operation time
  • Relays can be tested based on their characteristics
  • Relay vector diagram can be checked while testing
  • All types of fault simulation from one kit
  • In-built Multimeter and analog signal recording feature
  • Facility for transducer testing and energy meter testing
  • GPS Synchronization facility for end-to-end testing
  • Option for multi-kit interfacing and current booster
  • Option for creation of test set-up and relay library for future use
  • Templates for all types of Relays
  • Disturbance recorder data download and play-back
  • Generation of Harmonics – Harmonic restraint testing
  • IEC 61850 Testing like Goose Publish, Goose subscribe & Goose polling
  • IEC61850 sampled value test feature available in PW series
  • Software modules can be Added as per specific requirement
  • Available in Rugged Case

Ponovo Template service
Ponovo provides relay test template based on relay model from different Relay manufacturer. With the use of template the relay test can be simplified greatly. Each relay test template is a independent file which can be opened in Power Test relay test software. Registered users can download the relay templates from PONOVO website.

PW Series – Universal Relay Test system

Parameters   L336i PW336i PW460 PW636i
Voltage Generators Qty 4
Range 0 to 150V 0 to 300V
Power 60VA @ 120V 45 VA @ 150V 75VA @ 300V

Qty Range Power

Qty 4
Range 0 to 15A 0 to 32A
Power 105VA @ 15A, L-N 150VA @ 15A, L-N 150VA @ 15A, L-N 450VA @ 32A, L-N
Aux DC   0-300V (Optional) 0-300V
Frequency Sine 10Hz – 1000Hz DC, 1 -2000Hz DC, 1 -1000Hz
  Transient - - DC – 10 KHz
Phase Angle -360° to +360°
Binary inputs 4
Counter inputs - 4
Binary outputs 4 8
Low level outputs - 12
Control mode PC PC PC
Weight 8.8kg 20kg
IEC 61850 test facility Yes (Optional)
Energy meter test Yes (Optional)
Transducer test Yes (Optional)
GPS/IRIG-B interface Yes
Amplifier interface - Yes
Current booster interface - Yes
Multi-kits control interface - Yes
O/P monitoring & recording Yes
  • Three Phase Secondary Injection Kit- S40A
  • Independent 3 Voltage & 3 current source
  • Operated through the front color screen
  • Laptop operation facility also available
  • PC Interface through USB
  • Ease of operation
  • Can test Differential relay, Distance, Directional, Overcurrent relays


Parameters S40A
Voltage Source 3 X 300V (L-N), 1 X 600V (L-L)
Power 3 ×85VA at 300V (L-N), 1× 170 VA at 600V (L-L)
Current Source 3 X 40 A (L-N), 1 X 120A (L-L)
Power 3×65VA at 5A(L-N), 3×400VA at 40A(L-N)
Aux DC supply 0, 24V, 110V , 220V
Power 110W at 220V, 55W at 110V, 12W at 24V 1 potential free contact
Phase angle 0° to 360°
Accuracy & resolution 0.2° & 0.1°
Binary inputs 4Nos , 0 to 250V Dc or potential free
Binary outputs 1 potential free contact
PC connection USB
Weight 18Kg
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