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Single Phase Relay Test Kit

Single Phase Relay Test Kit

SCOPE along with PONOVO Power Co ltd provides solution of single-phase relay test kit is based on offering diversified features which make the relay test kit powerful, easy-to-use and multi-functional. T200A is a relay test kit based on PWM technology.The single phase relay tester has numerous powerful features like Aux DC, low current high VA output. Kit can deliver 2000VA at 20A.


  • Large LCD Display, user friendly interface with easy to operate Rotating Mouse
  • Suitable for the testing of Relays and CTs
  • Adjustment of amplitude, phase angle and frequency
  • Dedicated High Precision on AC/DC current source
  • Check timing and pick up value for AC/DC relay
  • Checks directional, over current and DF/DT relays
  • Check pick-up, instant tripping, 2nd harmonic restraint of differential relay
  • Tests High Burden Relays without any additional accessory
  • PC Interface through USB
  • Advanced High Power Constant Current Source with pulse width modulation technology


Parameters T 200A
AC voltage 10-500V/1200VA(Max)
DC voltage 10-300V/750W(Max)
AC/DC voltage 0-120V, 20-100Hz, 0-360┬░
AC current 0.2-20A/2000VA, 10-250A/2000VA
DC current 0-200mA
AC/DC current 0-20A, 200 VA
Voltmeter 600V AC/DC
Ammeter 6A AC/DC
Auxiliary DC 20-240V, continuous 0.5A
Binary Inputs 2, auto detection wet or dry contacts, with max measuring time
Binary Outputs 1 potential free contact
Weight 23Kg
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