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These new CT/PT testers are based on low frequency and variable frequency methods which lead to the great reduction in weight and high knee point test range. With one button click, all test items of the current transformer test set, such as excitation, winding resistance, polarity, phase error, ratio, etc, can be performed automatically.

PCT200Ai is the current transformer test set can finish various tests of different transformers. Compared with PCT200i,its accuracy is higher.This CT analyzer can test the 0.2s class CT.Only this CT analyzer - the high-accuracy current transformer test set has passed the tests held by Wuhan High Voltage Research Institute.The max permissible error of ratio measurement is ±0.05% and max phase measurement is ±2min.


  • Can test M/P/TP type CTand PT
  • Ratio check up to 35000:1 and 45000:5
  • Knee point check up to 45000 V
  • Standards: IEC 60044-1,  IEC 60044-6,ANSI/IEEE C 57.13
  • Result saved directly in Excel format
  • Report can be transferred to flash disk via USB port.
  • Lightweight, Automatic and Compact CT/PT tester with large LCD display, onboard memory and computer interface
  • Principle based on variable frequency method which leads to high knee point test voltage range
  • Testing CT Ratio by voltage method, having fast response time, high precision and reliability
  • Embedded microprocessor digital platform without external PC, easy to operate and reduces test time
  • With one click following test can be performed such as excitation, winding resistance, polarity, phase error, ratio, etc
  • Can test all types of CT’s, including bushing and GIS type CT as per IEC60044-1, IEC60044-6.
  • Name Plate Guessing facility
  • Ratio error and phase error list automatically shown when the rated current is 1% to 300%.
  • Inbuilt Demagnetization facility
  • PT test functions are also in-built
  • Weight : 14kg 



Parameters PCT200i PCT200Ai
 Output Voltage range  0 to 120V  0 to 120V
 Output Current range  0 to 5A rms (15A Peak) 0 to 5A rms (15A Peak)
Output Power 0.0001 to 500VA rms (1,500VA Peak) 0.0001 to 500VA rms (1,500VA Peak)
Ratio Test range 30000:1 to 45000:5 30000:1 to 45000:5
Ratio Test Accuracy 0.1% 0.05%
Max. Knee point voltage 30,000V 40,000V
Burden test range 0.5 to 200Ω 0.5 to 200Ω
Burden test accuracy ± 0.1% ± 1mΩ ± 0.1% ± 1mΩ
Winding Resistance test range 0.05 to 200Ω 0.05 to 200Ω
Winding Resistance test accuracy ± 0.1% ± 1mΩ ± 0.1% ± 1mΩ
Display 8.4 inch, Colour LCD 8.4 inch, Colour LCD
Operating System Windows Windows
Dimension (W x H x L) 470 x 200 x 245mm 470 x 200 x 245mm
Weight 14Kg 14Kg
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