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PD Defect Location in High-Voltage Equipment Insulation by Acoustic Sensors To act on deteriorating insulation the source of PD must be known.The insulation defects produce partial discharges, which emits electrical impulses, radiation of electromagnetic waves as well as acoustic signals.The AR700 measures acoustic signals with multiple sensors spread over the transformer. Then the software determines the failure location using the time difference of all incoming signals. Finally, these coordinates are shown in a 3D model of the transformer. AR700 device is used for measuring of acoustic signals on the external surfaces of gas-insulated breakers and substations, power transformers and other tank high-voltage equipment. The acoustic signals are caused by partial discharges in the insulation, which is the sigh of the defects.The advantage of “AR700” device is the quick installation of the acoustic PD sensors on the external surface of high-voltage equipment tank. The sensors have magnetic holder that is why there is no need to de-energize the equipment for the sensors installation. “AR700” device has 4 syn-chronic channels for acoustic signal measurement. This gives the possibility not only to find the defects in the insulation, but also to locate them. The location function of the “AR700”device is unique for acoustic devices.



  • The signal analyses and the PD zone location could be carried out both in manual and automatic modes.
  • Software calculates the fault location based on the time difference between the incoming signals.And report is generated about PD source location.
  • Convenient and handy through light weight, small size and battery operation.
  • Can be used for multiple assets like Transformers, CTs, GIS, Cables etc.
  • Defect type identification by synchronised measurement of PD


Parameter AR700
Acoustic channels for PD measuring 
Frequency range of acoustic sensors 30 - 300 kHz
High-frequency channels for PD measuring 1
Frequency range of high-frequency sensors 0.1 - 20 MHz
LCD resolution  480x272pixel
PC connection USB
Operating temperature range -20 to +60 ºc 
Humidity <98%, noncondensing 
Operating time from build-in accumulator 8 hours
Device weight, without sensors 1.1 kg
Dimensions of transportation case 520x435x230mm
Device weight in carrying case 12kg

The DIMRUS DIM-Loc-4 is a multipurpose device equipped with FOUR sensor technologies- Acoustic, RFCT, TEV and UHF. This makes this device very unique and versatile for use in both AIS as well as GIS and for a varieties of equipments in these substations.

The device is most effective for PD measurement in –

  • Power transformers
  • Instrument voltage transformers and current transformers
  • Switchgears and Gas-Insulated switchgears
  • Cables and joints
  • Insulators of various types



  • Measurement with four type of sensors.
  • Sweep measurement
  • The DIM-Loc-4 is userfriendly, rugged, light weight and powerful high tech instrument with big display and large soft key buttons.
  • Software to record and analyse the PD signals and make decisions for corrective action.


Parameter DIM-Loc-4
Number of measuring channel  03 
Acoustic Channel 30 – 300kHz
HF Channel 0.5 - 30MHz
UHF Channel 200 – 1500MHz
sensitivity  10 – 100000pC
LCD resolution 480 x 272 pixels
PC interface USB 
Operating Temperature -20°C to +50°C 
Dimension 220 x 170 x 35
Weight of Device 1 Kg
Weight with all the accessories in case 12 Kg


The portable multipurpose 3i device (Intellectual Insulation Indicator) is for eff ective high-voltage equipment insulation monitoring on-line. The 3i device measures and analyses partial discharges (PD). For eff ective PD measurement and noise rejection, there are two types of sensors used in the device: the acoustic sensor and the TEV sensor. Both the sensors are built into the device case, and so do not need any connection cables. The device is supplied in a strong metal case; at the faceplate there are the colored screen and two buttons: power button and function button.



      The multipurpose 3i device is for on-line insulation condition estimation in the following equipment:
  • 6 - 35 kV switchgears of various designs;
  • Terminations and joints of cables;
  • High-voltage gas-insulated equipment (Gas-Insulated switchgear (GIS)) of any rated voltage.
  • The tanks of power transformers, breakers, etc.


Parameter 3i
In-built PD sensors acoustic, TEV
In-built acoustic sensor frequency range, kHz 40 ± 2
In-built TEV sensor frequency range, MHz 10 - 100
LCD resolution, pixels 240 x 320
PC connection USB
Battery life, hours 10
Operation temperature range, °C -20 ÷ 40
Device dimensions, mm 187 x 78 x 43
Weight, kg 0.6

SCOPE introduces 50 A state of the art precision winding resistance meter, specially designed for field testing as well as factory testing of large transformers up to 500 MVA. Winding resistance value of transformer and rotating machine are directly displayed on 5.7” TFT display. TRM 50 is designed to work in live EHV switchyard conditions, ensuring operator’s safety and repeatability of results. Maintenance time saving is ensured by one time connection to transformer with simultaneous resistance measurement of three / six windings, measurement of resistances of all taps with automated tap change and demagnetization facility. The meter is protected against the back-EMF offered by large inductive windings.



  • Can measure DC winding resistance of large rotating machines, highly inductive test objects like Transformer, Generators and Motors etc.
  • 50 A DC current makes it possible to measure low resistances with high accuracy.
  • One time connection to either all windings of primary and / or secondary. Simultaneous measurement reduces connection and measurement time.
  • Change in winding resistance, short or open windings can be detected from measured values.
  • Automatic temperature measurement and temperature corrected value calculation.
  • Measurements of winding resistance of all taps of phases in one go. Recoding, printing and storage of results.
  • OLTC contact opening and compete OLTC performance test facility. Testing of either single or three phases in one test. Single report generation.
  • To know condition of OLTC contacts, OLTC mechanism, transition resistor.
  • Discharges and demagnetizes the object after test.


Parameter TRM 50/ TRM 50+
No of Channels  3/6 Current Channels, 3/6 Volatge Channels , 1 tempreture Channel 
Connections One time connection to primary or secondary winding of transformer
Current Ranges 50A, 40A, 25A, 10A, 5A, 1A, 100mA, 10mA
Resistance Ranges Up to 2000 Ω (Auto ranging)
Resolution  4 ½ digit
Accuracy Value ± 0.5% ± 5 counts
Current and Resistance ranges  
Open Circuit Voltage 50 V 
Demagnetization Facility Yes
Display 5.7” TFT display with touch screen
Printer 58 mm, Inbuilt thermal printer
Communication Port Ethernet for PC communication
Data Port USB for extrernal memory stick connection
External Control Possible via Notebook PC through Ethernet port and software
Temperature measurement Range 0 to 100 deg, Accuracy ± 1 deg, Resolution 0.1deg
Temperature correction For Aluminium & Copper 
Temperature Input Channel Compatible to accept RTD input
User Interface Resistive touch screen
Back EMF Protection Yes. Automatic protection after measurement and during accidental disconnection of current path. Protection operates even if Mains supply fails.
Discharge Facility & Indication Automatic Discharge of DUT & messages on screen
Tap Changer Test Detects discontinuity during tap changer test
OLTC Test Facility(Optional) OLTC test facility with current v/s time graph, Single or Three Phases simultaneously. Available in control through PC option only.
OLTC current Ranges 50A, 40A, 25A, 10A, 5A
Protection Shut down of power source on Over voltage, Over current,Over temperature
Indications Polarity reversal, Test connection continuity and discharge
Diagnostics Check At power On instrument does self-check of channels and shows the message
Test Leads Measuring leads, AC supply, earth leads and temperature sensor lead
Operating Environment -10°C to 50°C, 95% RH (non condensing)
Storage Temperature -20°C to 60 °C
Heat Run test Yes
Delta connection Measurement  values of each arm of delta winding is calculated and displayed
One side earthing Instrument is able to do the measurement with one side earthing (with Neutral earthing)
Input Supply 110V AC ±15% 50/60 Hz ±10% Or 220V AC ±15% 50/60 Hz ±10%.
Dimensions 630 x 500 x 302mm
Weight 22 Kg. Approx 

SCOPE introduces state of the art precision three phase Transformer Turns Ratio Meter (TTRM ) designed for field testing as well as factory testing of power transformers, instrument transformers and distribution transformers of all types. Along with turns ratio, this light weight and reliable instrument measures ratio deviation, phase angle deviation, magnetizing current and detects tap-position of single as well as three phase transformers in charged switchyard condition. The instrument has facility to automatically detect vector group of all majority configurations available. The differant AC voltage selection offers high accuracy in measurement.

Instrument has in-built TFT display with touch screen and thermal printer. The user friendly, simple instrument makes the testing more easy. With the touch keypad it is possible to enter required DUT information. The ratio results of all the phases are displayed in tabular form with % error. Internal non volatile memory gives the provision of storing test results. Further data can be downloaded to PC or copied to memory stick through USB port provided. The CTrans-TTRM software, gives the flexibility to download the stored results to PC and do the further analysis and report generation.


  • Different voltage ranges provided for more accurate results
  • 5.7” TFT display with touch screen and simple menus to operate TTRM
  • Facility to configure transformer ID and details
  • Automatic OLTC operation for tap change
  • Date and time stamping to results
  • In-build memory to store the test results
  • Thermal printer to take quick print out for record
  • Ethernet port for PC interface to transfer records to PC Software
  • Mass storage device (USB 2.0) interface for copying records in pen drive
  • Lightweight,portable instrument household in rugged moulded case



  Parameter Display      Range     Resolution Accuracy
1 Turns Ratio 1.9999 : 1 0.8-20000 : 1 5 Digit

0.8 - 100: ± 0.05% @ 10V

101 - 1000: ± 0.05% @ 10V

1001 - 1500: ± 0.05% @ 10V

1501 - 2000: ± 0.10% @ 10V

2001 - 4000: ± 0.20% @ 10V


0.8 - 100: ± 0.05% @ 40V

101 - 1000: ± 0.05% @ 40V

1001 - 1500: ± 0.05% @ 40V

1501 - 2000: ± 0.05% @ 40V

2001 - 4000: ± 0.05% @ 40V

4001 - 13000: ± 0.25% @ 40V


0.8 - 100: ± 0.03% @ 100V

101 - 1000: ± 0.05% @ 100V

1001 - 1500: ± 0.05% @ 100V

1501 - 2000: ± 0.05% @ 100V

2001 - 4000: ± 0.05% @ 100V

2001 - 4000: ± 0.05% @ 100V

13001 - 20000: ± 0.20% @ 100V

2 Excitation Current 0.1mA to 1.999A 0-2A 0.1mA ± 1mA
3 Phase Deviation 0.05 Deg to +179.95 Deg ± 180 Deg 0.05 Deg ± 0.05 Deg


Parameters TTRM 302
No of channels Three HV channels and three LV channels
Test Voltages 10V, 40V and 100V AC selectable voltages
Measurements Ratio, Ratio error, Phase angle deviation, Excitation current, vector group
OLTC Control Raise and Lower control to operate OLTC
Test Results Display (TFT) display, Thermal Printer.
Test Leads Suitable to test EHV Transformers
Paper Thermal, 58 mm wide roll form
Memory Inbuilt memory, can store 1000 records, with date and time stamping. USB port to copy record in pen drive
Power 90V – 265V, 50/60 Hz, 100VA approx.
Communication Port Ethernet port.
Housing Fitted in moulded case
Environment 0 to 50 C, 95% RH (non-condensing) Electrical noise normally found in charged EHV switchyards
Dimensions 435 X 315X 175 mm. (Max.)
Weight 10 Kg Approx



SA 30i+, the wireless Leakage Current Analyser from SCOPE is a State of the Art, On-line test system for Residual Life Assessment of Metal Oxide Surge Arresters. The instrument measures and directly displays the values of Total Leakage Current and Third Harmonic Resistive Leakage Current. It provides system harmonic compensation as per IEC 60099-5-B2. It provides Corrected Resistive Leakage Current after applying correction factors for change in system voltage & temperature.

The SA 30i+ can be pre-loaded with the LA identity details (LA Identification, Type, Serial Number,Location, Rated Voltage etc.) and tests conducted on the same ID of the arresters are saved under the same folder. Trend analysis software, SAData picks up this data and stores them in a similar fashion on a PC. This analysis software enables the user to take a decision to repair/replace the arresters considering safety limits.

SA 30i+ is designed to work under the hostile electrostatic noise found in live EHV switch yards upto 765 kV



  • Safe Online measurement due to wireless CT and Field Probe
  • In built temperature measurement facility enables calculation of temperature corrected leakage currents.
  • Correction of results to rated voltage of LA to eliminate eff ect of change in system voltage.
  • Date and time stamp on test results Results are displayed on large font, Big, back-lit LCD, printed on in-built thermal printer and can be stored in memory of the instrument.
  • SA 30i+, CT unit and Field Probe unit are powered by easily available re-chargeable Lithium-ion batteries. It works for a day’s testing needs on a single charge
  • The SA 30i+ is a switchyard compatible instrument. This makes the instrument extremely convenient to use.
  • Built-in standard calibration source and self-calibration check facility
  • USB communication port to transfer data to PC and Windows based PC Downloading & Analysis Software.
  • Facility for testing of GIS LAs available optionally


 Parameter  SA30i+
 Total Leakage Current Range  1 μA to 20 mA
 Resistive Leakage Current Range 1 μA to 20 mA 
Resolution   1 μA
 Accuracy Value ± 5% ± 1 μA 
 Inputs Wireless Clamp on CT and Wireless Field Probe optional external field PT Input (Voltage Peak method as per IEC 60099-5-A1 for GIS)
 Display 4 line x 20 character large backlit LCD with large font
 Compensation Automatic for System Harmonics, Temperature & System Voltage
 Temperature Sensor

Inbuilt Platinum Resistance Thermometer

with measurement range of -20°C to 55°C

Self-calibration Check Available
PC Connectivity USB Port (Standard), RS 232 & Ethernet (Optional)
Memory Storage capacity of 2000 results
Printer  58mm Inbuilt Thermal Printer

Battery as well as Mains powered Main Unit

Battery powered CT and FP Units

Internal Battery

SA30i+ - 11.1 V / 2200mAh Internal Rechargeable battery,

CT Unit - 11.1 V / 1150mAh Rechargeable battery,

Field Probe Unit - 11.1 V / 1150mAh Rechargeable battery. 

8 hours Battery life with full charge

Mains Supply  88 to 264 VAC, 47 to 63 Hz, Single Phase
Battery Charger Inbuilt in Main Unit, Connection to CT and Field Probe Provided


SA30i+ - 340 x 295 x 155 mm,

CT Unit - 340 x 73 x 40 mm,

Field Probe Unit - 340 x 82 mm Cylindrical 



SA30i+ - 3.8 Kg,

CT Unit - 0.7 Kg ,

Field Probe Unit - 0.75 Kg 


-20°C to 55°C, up to 95% RH (non-condensing), Storage Temp - 0-70°C

Type Testing

As per IEC 60068 / IS 9000 for Dry Heat, Damp Heat, Change of Temperature, Bump, Vibration and Mechanical Shock. For EMI / EMC & Safety as per relevant IEC Standards



Sheath Fault Locator is used for the identification of Sheath/earth faults which can get developed in any type of underground cable like LT or HT power cable or in unshielded multi core control cables. It can be a manufacturing defect or can get developed by improper handling during laying / external damage or any other reason due to which the metallic armour or cores develop leakage with the mass of earth. These faults can remain undetected for a long time as they do not hamper the working of the cable. However, this fault gets converted to a full-fledged fault

over a period of time.

CFL SFL can successfully locate sheath / earth faults on any type of cable. It offers different modes such as DC test / HV Test, Burning, pre-location and pin-pointing.


  • Three manually selectable convince DC ranges for application.
  • Cable and cable sheath testing up to 5 kV between metallic sheath / armour and mass of earth.
  • Automatic sheath fault pre-location with high precision measuring bridge method.
  • Cable sheath fault pin pointing by pool of potential method / fall of potential method /potential difference method.
  • Burn mode for conditioning the sheath fault - Conversion of high-resistance faults in LT cables.
  • Maximum 400 mA current gives better results.
  • Extremely user friendly to calculate the fault distance; uses a micro-controller based fault distance calculator that enables the operator to get the pre-location measurements with precise accuracy.
  • Automatic discharging facility of cable under test, in case of power failure or after switching off.
  • Continues operation for extended period in case of pin-point difficult sheath faults.
  • Rugged construction and easy to carry on site.


Parameter  Quantity 
 Power Supply  230V, ±10%, 50Hz, single phase
 Test Voltage  0-2.5Kv and 0-5kV DC continuously variable
 Test Current  200mA @2.5kV, 100mA @ 5kV
 HV range Selection  Manual 

 On / off lamp indication

Analog moving coil meter for output voltage (kV) indication

Analog moving coil meter for output current (mA) indication

Over heat LED indication

Sheath voltage drop indication on DPM (0-1.9999V)

Fault pre-location distance on LCD display.

 Pulse ratio for pin-pointing  1:3 sec and 1:6 sec selectable on off time ratio
 Fault Distance Calculator  LCD display-16 x 2 characters with back light
 DPM power supply  6 V, 1.5 Ah rechargeable battery
 Over load Protection

 Main Input current MCB switch in Live


Safety Protections

Variac Zero inter-lock

Output cable Plug inter-lock

HV Switch inter-lock

Over Heat Protection

Emergency off switching

Earth Discharge Soft automatic discharge through in-built solenoid
Cooling system Air cooling
Operating Temperature 0°C to 50°C

Standard Accessories

  • 10 sq mm single core screen output HV cable with heavy duty brass clamps 5 meter length
  • Dual single core cable for pre-location 5 meter length
  • Two single core cable for pre-location 5 meter length
  • Mains supply connecting cord 3 meter
  • Yellow/green earthing cable 5 meter
  • External Battery charger for DPM supply



Cable Fault Secondary Impulse Filter CFL SIMF is mainly used for high resistance and flashing fault test for power cable with the voltage below 10kV, and for fault location with Secondary Impulse with conjunction of Pre-locator and HV surge generator .Latest fault locating technique for high resistance and flashing faults is Secondary Impulse Method (SIM).This method offers highly reliable results for faults on any type of power cable. It converts the faults to low resistance nature by creating arc across the fault. With the help of filter, the arc is sustained for extended period during which the pre-locator instrument CFL PL3 sends Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR) waves to the fault. These waves reflect back from the fault point and appear on the display as a short fault. This method gives precise result of fault distance for high resistance and flashing nature faults.

SIM filter SIMF is designed for mounting in a van for quick fault location. It can be mounted in a rack mounted system.

It is passive filter having own output power source. It uses the energy of the surge generator to create arc at the fault point.

A high voltage switch incorporated in the output circuit facilitates selection of SIM or ICM mode.



  • Output Voltage: 1800 VDC, Negative Polarity
  • Arc Stabilization Time: ≥20 ms
  • HV Input: Max. 32 kV DC Negative Polarity
  • Input Power Supply: AC 220V±10%, 50Hz±10%
  • Environment: 0 to 50˚C, 95% RH (Non-condensing)
  • Dimension: 380mm x 280mm x 460mm
  • Weight: 15kg

The most versatile Cable Fault Pin Pointer yet, SCOPE’s CFL PP3 is suitable for pin-pointing as well as route tracing of any type of power cable. For pinpointing it is used along-with CFL SG Series Surge Generators from SCOPE and for route tracing it is used along-with Audio Frequency Generator, CFL AG2 from SCOPE. Advanced technology with features like time lapse measurement makes it a tool that can tackle complicated faults easily. 

Ambient noise during pin-pointing has always been a problem. CFL PP3 with simultaneous display of magnetic and acoustic waveforms indicates the exact fault spot eliminating the above problem. It guides the operator about the lay of the cable under test during pin-pointing. The LCD display constantly gives information to the operator about any deviation of the cable route being followed. The instrument offers results based on vision. Thus the ground microphone becomes secondary tool to locate the exact fault spot.

The instrument incorporates separate route tracing circuit to be used with Audio Frequency Generator, CFL AG from SCOPE. The system has flexibility of coupling to the cable galvanically (direct connection) for isolated cable and inductively coupled if the cable is live. The depth of the cable under test is located with conventional triangulation method with precise accuracy. This system configuration can also be used to pin-point low resistance welded faults, where surge generator cannot be used.


  • Can be used for both pinpointing as well as route tracing.
  • Both magnetic & acoustic inputs making pinpointing very convenient.
  • Digital filters to eliminate external influences.
  • Highly effective shielding against environmental noises.
  • Improved acoustic signal pick up features.
  • Highly sensitive magnetic signal pick up.
  • Large LCD display with backlit facility.
  • Internal Li-ion chargeable battery.
  • Specially made light weight case ensuring minimum strain to operator.
  • Water resistant and dust proof design.
  • User friendly and simple operation.


  • Filter Frequency: 200Hz, 300Hz, 500Hz
  • Time Delay Resolution: 0.2ms
  • General
    • Filter: Digital
    • Accuracy: High Resistance Fault: 0.1m
    • Route Tracing: 0.2m
    • Low Resistance Fault: 2m
  • Amplification: >120 dB, adjustable
  • Headphone Output: 3.5mm
  • Power Supply: 7.4 V Lithium-ion rechargeable battery• Power Consumption: 3W
  • Charger: Input: 230 VAC±10% ; Output: 8.4 VDC
  • Environment: 0 to 50oC, 95% RH (Non-condensing)
  • Dimension: 230mmx140mmx170mm
  • Weight: 1.5kg



The audio frequency Generator CFL-AG2 is especially designed for accurate locating of cable faults and joints according to the twist method. With the display of the output current, the selection of the correct adjustment is easy.


  • Powerful audio frequency transmitter up to 20W.
  • Frequency 1 kHz, quartz stabilized.
  • Potential-free output.
  • Output voltage in 7 level.
  • Two working modes, Continuous (CONT) and Intermittent (INTM).
  • Continuous and Intermittent.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Automatic protection of overload and with high reliability.
  • Indication of output current.


  • Output power: 20W
  • Max. output current: 2.8A ± 20%
  • Frequency: 1kHz Sine wave
  • Output voltage: In 7 steps: 4 – 7V/ 15 – 25V/
  • 30 – 40V/ 60 – 70V/ 90 – 100V/ 150 – 170V/ 200 – 230V
  • Operating modes: Continuous and Intermittent
  • Display: Output current
  • Output: Polarity terminals on panel
  • Power supply: AC 230V±10%, 50Hz±10%
  • Internal instrument protection: Over current limitation
  • Operating temperature: 20 to + 40 ° C
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 275 mm x255mm x 130mm
  • Weight: 2kg


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