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The most versatile Cable Fault Pin Pointer yet, SCOPE’s CFL PP3 is suitable for pin-pointing as well as route tracing of any type of power cable. For pinpointing it is used along-with CFL SG Series Surge Generators from SCOPE and for route tracing it is used along-with Audio Frequency Generator, CFL AG2 from SCOPE. Advanced technology with features like time lapse measurement makes it a tool that can tackle complicated faults easily. 

Ambient noise during pin-pointing has always been a problem. CFL PP3 with simultaneous display of magnetic and acoustic waveforms indicates the exact fault spot eliminating the above problem. It guides the operator about the lay of the cable under test during pin-pointing. The LCD display constantly gives information to the operator about any deviation of the cable route being followed. The instrument offers results based on vision. Thus the ground microphone becomes secondary tool to locate the exact fault spot.

The instrument incorporates separate route tracing circuit to be used with Audio Frequency Generator, CFL AG from SCOPE. The system has flexibility of coupling to the cable galvanically (direct connection) for isolated cable and inductively coupled if the cable is live. The depth of the cable under test is located with conventional triangulation method with precise accuracy. This system configuration can also be used to pin-point low resistance welded faults, where surge generator cannot be used.


  • Can be used for both pinpointing as well as route tracing.
  • Both magnetic & acoustic inputs making pinpointing very convenient.
  • Digital filters to eliminate external influences.
  • Highly effective shielding against environmental noises.
  • Improved acoustic signal pick up features.
  • Highly sensitive magnetic signal pick up.
  • Large LCD display with backlit facility.
  • Internal Li-ion chargeable battery.
  • Specially made light weight case ensuring minimum strain to operator.
  • Water resistant and dust proof design.
  • User friendly and simple operation.


  • Filter Frequency: 200Hz, 300Hz, 500Hz
  • Time Delay Resolution: 0.2ms
  • General
    • Filter: Digital
    • Accuracy: High Resistance Fault: 0.1m
    • Route Tracing: 0.2m
    • Low Resistance Fault: 2m
  • Amplification: >120 dB, adjustable
  • Headphone Output: 3.5mm
  • Power Supply: 7.4 V Lithium-ion rechargeable battery• Power Consumption: 3W
  • Charger: Input: 230 VAC±10% ; Output: 8.4 VDC
  • Environment: 0 to 50oC, 95% RH (Non-condensing)
  • Dimension: 230mmx140mmx170mm
  • Weight: 1.5kg



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