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Sheath Fault Locator

Sheath Fault Locator

Sheath Fault Locator is used for the identification of Sheath/earth faults which can get developed in any type of underground cable like LT or HT power cable or in unshielded multi core control cables. It can be a manufacturing defect or can get developed by improper handling during laying / external damage or any other reason due to which the metallic armour or cores develop leakage with the mass of earth. These faults can remain undetected for a long time as they do not hamper the working of the cable. However, this fault gets converted to a full-fledged fault

over a period of time.

CFL SFL can successfully locate sheath / earth faults on any type of cable. It offers different modes such as DC test / HV Test, Burning, pre-location and pin-pointing.


  • Three manually selectable convince DC ranges for application.
  • Cable and cable sheath testing up to 5 kV between metallic sheath / armour and mass of earth.
  • Automatic sheath fault pre-location with high precision measuring bridge method.
  • Cable sheath fault pin pointing by pool of potential method / fall of potential method /potential difference method.
  • Burn mode for conditioning the sheath fault - Conversion of high-resistance faults in LT cables.
  • Maximum 400 mA current gives better results.
  • Extremely user friendly to calculate the fault distance; uses a micro-controller based fault distance calculator that enables the operator to get the pre-location measurements with precise accuracy.
  • Automatic discharging facility of cable under test, in case of power failure or after switching off.
  • Continues operation for extended period in case of pin-point difficult sheath faults.
  • Rugged construction and easy to carry on site.


Parameter  Quantity 
 Power Supply  230V, ±10%, 50Hz, single phase
 Test Voltage  0-2.5Kv and 0-5kV DC continuously variable
 Test Current  200mA @2.5kV, 100mA @ 5kV
 HV range Selection  Manual 

 On / off lamp indication

Analog moving coil meter for output voltage (kV) indication

Analog moving coil meter for output current (mA) indication

Over heat LED indication

Sheath voltage drop indication on DPM (0-1.9999V)

Fault pre-location distance on LCD display.

 Pulse ratio for pin-pointing  1:3 sec and 1:6 sec selectable on off time ratio
 Fault Distance Calculator  LCD display-16 x 2 characters with back light
 DPM power supply  6 V, 1.5 Ah rechargeable battery
 Over load Protection

 Main Input current MCB switch in Live


Safety Protections

Variac Zero inter-lock

Output cable Plug inter-lock

HV Switch inter-lock

Over Heat Protection

Emergency off switching

Earth Discharge Soft automatic discharge through in-built solenoid
Cooling system Air cooling
Operating Temperature 0°C to 50°C

Standard Accessories

  • 10 sq mm single core screen output HV cable with heavy duty brass clamps 5 meter length
  • Dual single core cable for pre-location 5 meter length
  • Two single core cable for pre-location 5 meter length
  • Mains supply connecting cord 3 meter
  • Yellow/green earthing cable 5 meter
  • External Battery charger for DPM supply



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