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Underground cable faults cannot be avoided due to many factors such as road widening, infrastructure improvement, digging carried out for repairs of other underground utilities etc.

These faults generally take long time to detect and hence long time to repair the damaged cables and restore the power supply. Long outages cause heavy production loss to industries, revenue loss to power distribution companies and inconvenience to general public. This calls for quick fault location and restoration of power supply in minimum possible time.

An ordinary fault locating kit comprising of diagnosis set and pin-pointing equipment can take long time to locate fault point. SCOPE offers pre-locator instruments that can give the fault distance to help the operator for reaching the spot quickly and pin-pointing the fault in a short time.

CFL PL2, new generation Cable Fault Pre-Locator from SCOPE is the ultimate solution for locating under ground cable faults in minimum time. It uses advanced technology for fault distance measurement which helps even an unskilled operator to locate the fault with accuracy.

The instrument has simple operating modes with which any types of fault on cable can be located with high accuracy. The CFL PL2 is cost effective solution for the job.


  • Measuring rage up to 16 km.
  • Large LCD & User friendly operation.
  • Adjustable Balance of instrument resistance tosuit the cable under test.
  • Adjustable Gain for optimal waveform resolution.
  • Facility to store & compare the waveforms.
  • Memory to store up to 50 waveforms.
  • Housed in rugged, IP class moulded case.
  • PC connection via RS 232.
  • Printer connection via RS 232 (Printer is optional).
  • Compact and light weight.
  • Large range of Propagation Velocity from 90 to 300m/ μS covers all type of cables including pilot and telecom able with any type of insulation.


  • Transmitting Pulse Amplitude :30V
  • Transmitting Pulse width : 40ns-3.56μs
  • Output impedance : 5-80Ω
  • Measuring Range : 0-16 km
  • Sampling speed :100MHz
  • Resolution : TDR Mode : <±1m up to range <4km<± 4m for ranges >4 km ICM Mode: <± 4m up to range <4 km<± 16m for ranges >4km
  • Propagation Velocity : 90-300m/ μs.This range covers all the cables including pilot and telecom cable with any type of insulation.
  • Ranges : 500m,1km,4km,5km,8km and 16km. The operator can choose right range to get better resolution at fault point.
  • Balance Adjustment : Under TDR mode it is required to balance the instrument resistance to suit the cable under test. With this control the instrument resistance can be varied between 5 ohms to 79 ohms.
  • Memory :50 waveforms
  • Display : 320x240 pixels
  • Powered by Chargeable Li-ion Battery.
  • Charging voltage : Input: 230V AC : Output: 8.4V±10% DC
  • Operating time of rechargeable batteries: Approx. 5hr
  • Operating Temperature : -10



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