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Control & Relay Panels

We at SCOPE T&M Pvt Ltd have developed our expertise to meet customer expectation in the area of Design, Engineering, Manufacturing & testing 33KV to 765KV Control & Relay Panels. With our ‘State of the Art’ Factory set up at Pune. We can handle multiple projects with the production capacity up to 200 Panel per month. Know More

Substation Automation System

With Experience of Supply & Commissioning of Control &Relay Panels, We provide Substation Automation Solution also. We have an excellent knowledge and rich experience to integrate control & Relay Panels with Substation Automation System devices and software. We handle multiple protocols like IEC61850, IEC 60870-5-10X, DNP3, MODBUS etc. We can integrate multiple make relays (IED’s) with SAS on open protocol. Know More

Controlled Switching Device

Our Experience in understanding the DUT(Reactor or Transformer Breakers) through our T&M Vertical has helped us to bring the Intelligent system to operate the CB on ‘ZERO Crossing’ with the ‘point on Wave Controller’ technology in association with our valuable Collaboration. More than 250+ devices are already in operation in Indian Power Sysytem. Know More

RTU Automation Solution

Apart from substation automation we have solution for SCADA/OMS/DMS/EMS required for state load dispatch centres (SLDC’s) and distribution management system. We have excellent RTU based automation system which is extremely cost effective solution for the conventional s/s to convert them to fully automated substation and make them compatible to smart grid. Know More