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Battery bank installations are important & essential part of various power, communication, information technology & industrial set-ups. In order to ensure healthy performance of such installations, the batteries used need to be properly monitored. SCOPE’s BRT 1 is the comprehensive battery operated, portable, hand held Battery Resistance Tester suitable for all Lead Acid & Nickel Cadmium cells having cell voltage of 1.2V / 2V / 6V / 12V.


  • Smart, rugged and portable hand held device with colour touch screen display
  • Suitable for batteries up to 6000 Ah.
  • Tests all types of batteries having cell voltage of 1.2V / 2V / 6V / 12V. Option of self-defined voltage is also available.
  • On line measurement - No disconnection of cell.
  • Simultaneously tests cell terminal voltage, internal resistance and relative percentage capacity of the cell.
  • Built-in reference value or self-defined value for comparison of test results with standard values.
  • Low frequency testing effectively avoids interference from capacitive resistance of battery itself.
  • Stable and accurate results in presence of high interference.
  • Fast operation & quick stabilization. Auto saving of results.
  • Large memory to store results of up-to 3000 cells.
  • Auto-calibration of unit before testing.
  • Over voltage protection & audio alarm.
  • Analysis of results through PC Data Management Software including Histogram.

Note: SCOPE also offers Battery Conductance Tester, BCT 1 for conductance measurement of battery cells from 100 to 19990 Siemens.


Parameter Range Resolution Accuracy

0μΩ - 250μΩ 1 μΩ 5% ± 6 digit
250μΩ - 500μΩ 0.01mΩ 3% ± 6 digit
500μΩ - 100mΩ 0.1mΩ 1% ± 6 digit
Voltage 0 to 16V 1mV ± 0.2% of reading ± 6 digit
Measuring Cells Per String Up to 254
Display Colour TFT touch screen LCD, 320 x 240 pixel, 3.5”
Memory 3000 test results
Power Supply Li-ion battery
Working Time > 5 hours continuous
Environment 0°C to 50°C, up-to 95% RH (Non-condensing)
Dimension (L x W x H) 210 mm x 110 mm x 60 mm
Weight 2 kg (including accessories)
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DC Trace

DC Trace, is most advanced and user friendly DC Earth (Ground) Fault Locator. This portable instrument consists of Signal Generator & Signal Receiver. It uses latest digital signal processing technology. It’s ability to detect earth faults in live DC system quickly & accurately in on-line condition greatly relieves the substation maintenance engineers from nightmare of earth leakages & its detection.


  • On-Line fault detection, No shutdown required.
  • Signal Generator has adjustable output voltages (24V, 48V, 110V, 220V, 500V and 1000V) suitable for different applications.
  • Pinpoints high grounding resistance faults (up to 1MΩ).
  • Digital Signal Processing Technology for detecting grounding resistance and distributed capacitance.
  • Frequency Spectrum Analysis to test the existing interferences available in the circuit and selection of correct test frequency.
  • Signal Receiver with adjustable sensitivity at different locations of circuit helps to locate the current leakage quickly.
  • Direction (positive or reverse) indication for leakage current helps quick tracing of the faulty grounding path.
  • Following multiple analysis & indications of ground fault makes pinpointing easy:
    • Direction of current flow
    • Phase angle difference
    • Comparison of signal strength
  • Can detect complex, multipoint faults.
  • Type Tested as per IEC 60068.


Parameter Details Parameter Details
Fault Location Technique Direction of current flow, Phase angle difference, Comparison of signal strength Battery Charging Input 230V / 110V AC, 50 / 60Hz
Output Frequency 10Hz, 50Hz, 60Hz, 325Hz Display - Signal Generator 128 × 64 pixel colour LCD
Fault Location Sensitivity Up to 1MΩ Display - Signal Receiver 240×320 pixel 3.5” colour TFT touch screen
Current Detection Sensitivity ≥0.1mA Working Environment 0˚C to 50˚C, <95% RH (Non-condensing)
Current Detection Clamp 60mm (jaw opening), Ø 65 x 30mm and Ø12 x 8mm, dual range Dimensions 360 X 260 X 135mm
Battery Life ≥4 hours Weight 7.0 kg (Approx.)
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Battery Loading Unit (BLUe)

Battery banks are becoming inseparable part of uninterrupted or back-up power supply arrangements in various industries like Power, Telecom, IT etc. In substations the critical protection, control & communication systems run on battery power. Hence the reliability of these battery banks is crucial to ensure smooth operation of equipment which they are serving in above industries. The capacity of battery may get reduced signifi cantly before the expected life span of battery due to various reasons. The only way to assess the continual healthiness of battery banks is periodical maintenance inspection & testing. And conducting a discharge test on batteries is most eff ective way to check the battery capacity.

SCOPE introduces BLUe Series Battery Loading Units; portable instruments for controlled & monitored discharge of batteries. It is designed for integrated site discharge test, design & QC test and also for monitoring discharge process of battery bank with connected load. Single autonomous unit having built-in display, keypad and wireless communication with PC makes it very easy to use. It comes in diff erent confi gurations ranging from 12V to 380V discharge voltages and 50A to 300A discharge currents. Various options are available to control & monitor the discharge process. With the help of optional Cell Monitoring Unit - CELLMon, voltage of each individual cell can be monitored & data sent to main BLUe unit and then from main unit to PC via wireless communication. Each BLUe unit is supplied with PC downloading & analysis software for real time monitoring of discharge process.


  • Portable unit with rolling wheels thus convenient for onsite testing.
  • Optional wireless CELLMon enables the process PC monitoring both for discharging and charging.
  • BLUe sets 4 conditions for auto shut-down of discharge process so secured and time-saving operation.
  • Continue discharge facility is available when previous discharge is stopped abnormally.
  • Parallel connection of two discharging units for mass discharge.
  • Real-time display of voltage for each cell with the help of Cell Monitoring Unit, CELLMon.
  • Accurate data results and vivid waveforms.
  • Auto sorting for lag-out batteries during discharging.
  • AC & DC power supply modes for diff erent needs.
  • Integrated functions for displaying, controlling and discharging.
  • Safe circuit design to avoid damage of battery when testing.
  • Direct USB drive for convenient data transfer to PC.
  • Powerful Battery Discharge Monitor Software for data analyzing and report printing
  • Thermal cut-off and automatic overload protection.


  • Power: AC 220V/110V, 50/60Hz DC (from battery bank under test)*
  • Sampling Frequnecy : 5 Samples / min
  • Display : LCD , 128*64 pixel
  • Temperature:  0°C To 50°C
  • Humidity : 5 To 90% Relative humidity (non condensing)
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Single Phase Relay Test Kit

SCOPE along with PONOVO Power Co ltd provides solution of single-phase relay test kit is based on offering diversified features which make the relay test kit powerful, easy-to-use and multi-functional. T200A is a relay test kit based on PWM technology.The single phase relay tester has numerous powerful features like Aux DC, low current high VA output. Kit can deliver 2000VA at 20A.


  • Large LCD Display, user friendly interface with easy to operate Rotating Mouse
  • Suitable for the testing of Relays and CTs
  • Adjustment of amplitude, phase angle and frequency
  • Dedicated High Precision on AC/DC current source
  • Check timing and pick up value for AC/DC relay
  • Checks directional, over current and DF/DT relays
  • Check pick-up, instant tripping, 2nd harmonic restraint of differential relay
  • Tests High Burden Relays without any additional accessory
  • PC Interface through USB
  • Advanced High Power Constant Current Source with pulse width modulation technology


Parameters T 200A
AC voltage 10-500V/1200VA(Max)
DC voltage 10-300V/750W(Max)
AC/DC voltage 0-120V, 20-100Hz, 0-360°
AC current 0.2-20A/2000VA, 10-250A/2000VA
DC current 0-200mA
AC/DC current 0-20A, 200 VA
Voltmeter 600V AC/DC
Ammeter 6A AC/DC
Auxiliary DC 20-240V, continuous 0.5A
Binary Inputs 2, auto detection wet or dry contacts, with max measuring time
Binary Outputs 1 potential free contact
Weight 23Kg
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Three Phase Relay Test Kit

SCOPE along with PONOVO Power Co ltd provides the all numerical relay test kit which can test various type of relays from Numerical to Electromagnetic relays.The Kit is software controlled through ethernet port which make it more relaible.This windows based software is easy to use.Advance software can be made available optionally. 

Brief table giving availability of models is given hereunder.


  • Test all types of relays – Numerical, Electro-mechanical, Static, etc.
  • Three phase and Single phase relays can be tested
  • Sufficient numbers of independent voltage & current generators with wide voltage & current selection range
  • Phase angle, frequency & amplitude of each generator can be varied independently
  • Operates on Single Phase Supply
  • Professional and user friendly software
  • Plotting of bias characteristics & impedance characteristics
  • Inbuilt timer for measurement of relay operation time
  • Relays can be tested based on their characteristics
  • Relay vector diagram can be checked while testing
  • All types of fault simulation from one kit
  • In-built Multimeter and analog signal recording feature
  • Facility for transducer testing and energy meter testing
  • GPS Synchronization facility for end-to-end testing
  • Option for multi-kit interfacing and current booster
  • Option for creation of test set-up and relay library for future use
  • Templates for all types of Relays
  • Disturbance recorder data download and play-back
  • Generation of Harmonics – Harmonic restraint testing
  • IEC 61850 Testing like Goose Publish, Goose subscribe & Goose polling
  • IEC61850 sampled value test feature available in PW series
  • Software modules can be Added as per specific requirement
  • Available in Rugged Case

Ponovo Template service
Ponovo provides relay test template based on relay model from different Relay manufacturer. With the use of template the relay test can be simplified greatly. Each relay test template is a independent file which can be opened in Power Test relay test software. Registered users can download the relay templates from PONOVO website.

PW Series – Universal Relay Test system

Parameters   L336i PW336i PW460 PW636i
Voltage Generators Qty 4
Range 0 to 150V 0 to 300V
Power 60VA @ 120V 45 VA @ 150V 75VA @ 300V

Qty Range Power

Qty 4
Range 0 to 15A 0 to 32A
Power 105VA @ 15A, L-N 150VA @ 15A, L-N 150VA @ 15A, L-N 450VA @ 32A, L-N
Aux DC   0-300V (Optional) 0-300V
Frequency Sine 10Hz – 1000Hz DC, 1 -2000Hz DC, 1 -1000Hz
  Transient - - DC – 10 KHz
Phase Angle -360° to +360°
Binary inputs 4
Counter inputs - 4
Binary outputs 4 8
Low level outputs - 12
Control mode PC PC PC
Weight 8.8kg 20kg
IEC 61850 test facility Yes (Optional)
Energy meter test Yes (Optional)
Transducer test Yes (Optional)
GPS/IRIG-B interface Yes
Amplifier interface - Yes
Current booster interface - Yes
Multi-kits control interface - Yes
O/P monitoring & recording Yes
  • Three Phase Secondary Injection Kit- S40A
  • Independent 3 Voltage & 3 current source
  • Operated through the front color screen
  • Laptop operation facility also available
  • PC Interface through USB
  • Ease of operation
  • Can test Differential relay, Distance, Directional, Overcurrent relays


Parameters S40A
Voltage Source 3 X 300V (L-N), 1 X 600V (L-L)
Power 3 ×85VA at 300V (L-N), 1× 170 VA at 600V (L-L)
Current Source 3 X 40 A (L-N), 1 X 120A (L-L)
Power 3×65VA at 5A(L-N), 3×400VA at 40A(L-N)
Aux DC supply 0, 24V, 110V , 220V
Power 110W at 220V, 55W at 110V, 12W at 24V 1 potential free contact
Phase angle 0° to 360°
Accuracy & resolution 0.2° & 0.1°
Binary inputs 4Nos , 0 to 250V Dc or potential free
Binary outputs 1 potential free contact
PC connection USB
Weight 18Kg
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MTS 301

Energy meter is one of the most important component in the electricity generation & supply system. The revenue of the generation, transmission and distribution organizations is highly depended on the accuracy of the energy meters. If the the energy meter malfunctions or becomes inaccurate, there can be a huge loss to these organizations.

Energy Meters are susceptible to malfunctioning because of many factors, which directly affects its accuracy. Thereby directly influencing the revenue of service provider / supplier.

SCOPE’s meter testing system is a Handheld Unit used for online testing of both Three Phase meters as well as Single Phase meters and different metering systems. Again, it is used for both Static meters and Electromagnetic meters etc. It records KW,KWH,KVAR, KVARH, Power factor, Phase angle, etc. With these functions, it is widely used in Power Utility, ubstations,Telecom machine room, Power consumption examination, Circuit breakage inspection, Power abnormality analysing, Asset Management and Industrial Production Management.


  • Smart, portable and easy touch-screen (TFT) operation
  • Combination of electricity meter tester and power quality analyzer
  • Online monitor for real-time data testing and comparison
  • Test result playback on screen and transferable to PC for report printing
  • User-friendly interface and vivid screen display, simplify on-site testing power meters


Parameter MTS101 MTS301
Voltage Signal Input: Direct Input
 Input Impedance >2MΩ, 20pF
 Testing Voltage Range 10 to 500Vrms ±0.5% 10 to 700Vrms ±0.5%
 Peak Voltage  700V 1000V
 Power consumption <0.5VA / phase
Current Signal Input: Indirect input, with different current clamps
Testing Current Range 20Arms, 60Arms, 100Arms ±0.5% 20Arms, 500Arms, 1000Arms ±0.3%
Power consumption <2.0VA/phase head
Frequency range 40 Hz to 70Hz ±0.01Hz
Measurement accuracy
Active power & Active Energy ±0.5%
Reactive power & Reactive energy ±1.0%
Power factor ±0.005
Screen and memory
Screen 320 x 240, 3.5” TFT LCD touch-screen 640 x 480, 3.5” TFT LCD touch-screen
Memory Internal 16 MB Flash / External 256MB
PC Connectivity USB port available
Power supply 100 to 240VAC /16.8VDC-1A adaptor for Rechargeable Li-ion battery
Weight and Dimension 0.7kg, 277 × 169 × 36mm mm
Environment 0 to 50∘ C max, 95% RH (non-condensing)
Insulation >100MΩ, 2kVAC / 50Hz, 1 min >2MΩ,1500VAC / 50Hz, 1 min
Impulse constant FL = 3600×(5/Ie)P / kWh, Where Ie is CT range
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A Decade resistance box is a enclosure containing number of precision resistors connected to panel terminals or contacts so that a desired resistance value can be obtained by withdrawing plugs or by setting multi-contact switches.

SCOPE offers High Resistance, High Voltage Decade Resistance Box - DecR designed using the high quality specially selected resistors. These range of high ohm resistance decades are ideal for variety of applications, having a voltage rating up to 5kV. It covers the resistance range from 1 kilo ohm to 1 tera ohm.


  • Accurate and high precision resistors.
  • Compact, convenient to use.
  • Very low contact resistance.
  • Used in various applications such as:
    • Measurement of unknown resistances by the "bridge" method.
    • Calibration and integrity check of multimeters, LCR meters and calibrators.
    • In different electrical and electronic workshops and laboratories.
    • In developmental work it might be necessary to test which resistance will have the best effect given certain circuit characteristics.
    • Educational establishments.
  • Range: 1 kilo ohm to 1 tera ohm.
  • Max Voltage: 5kV.
  • Accuracy: ± 0.1%.
  • Portable, housed in rugged molded case.


Resistance Per Step Total Decade Resistance Maximum Volage(V) Voltage Coefficient (ppm/V) Temp Coefficient (ppm/°C) Accuracy(%) Power (Watt)
1kΩ 10kΩ 500 0 ±50 ±0.1 1
10kΩ 100kΩ 500 0 ±50 ±0.1 1
100kΩ 1MΩ 500 0 ±50 ±0.1 1
1MΩ 10MΩ 500 0 ±50 ±0.1 1.5
10MΩ 100MΩ 4,000 1 ±100 ±1 1.5
100MΩ 1GΩ 4,000 1 ±100 ±1 1.5
1GΩ 10GΩ 4,000 1 ±100 ±1 3.5
10GΩ 100GΩ 5000 1 ±100 ±1 3.5
100GΩ 1TΩ 5000 1 ±2,000 ±2 1.3
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SCOPE proudly intoduces new version of Calibration Standart SCALE TCV, specially designed to check calibration of SCOT and HISAC series instruments of SCOPE. Highly stable and precise signals of SCALE TCV are applied to SCOT and HISAC series instruments for calibration. SCALE TCV is calibrated from acceredited calibration laboratory and is provided with calibration certificate having traceability to national standards.


  • Simple, lightweight, portable
  • Linear ramp signal generation for calibration of Trael and Velocity
  • Highly stable current source for calibration of Current channels
  • Contacts having precise close and open time for calibration of Timing channels
  • Calibration port for calibration os SCALE TCV from external Standard
  • Specially designed to calibrate SCOPE make SCOT and HISAC series products


Technical Specifications

Sr. No.  Parameter Standard Value Sr. No.  Parameter Standard Value
1  Open Time (Main)  50 mSec 5  Current  1 A
2  Close Time (Main)  100 mSec 6  Ramp Voltage  4 V
3 Open Time (Auxiliary) 30 mSec 7 Open Ramp Time  75 mSec
4 Close Time (Auxiliary) 75 mSec 8 Close Ramp Time  150 mSec

General Specification

  • Weight - Approx 3 kg
  • Dimensions - 225mm x 150mm X 85 mm
  • Power supply - 230 V AC + 15%, 50 Hz + 10%
  • Environment - 0 to 50°, 95% RH (Non-condensing), typical testing labs.


  • Soft carrying case
  • Test leads suitable for calibration of SCOT and HISAC series instruments.
  • Instruction manual
  • Calibration procedure manual
  • Calibration Cetificate from acceredited calibration laboratory having traceability to national standards
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RT Mon

SCOPE introduces, for the first time in the country, the most powerful Real Time On-Line system for continuous monitoring of Circuit Breaker performance in HV / EHV substations.

RTMon consists of Field Unit which is inatalled near CB in IP enclosure, a PC in control room loaded with RTMon software and the communication link between the two.

No. of CBs in one subatation can be monitored by installing one field unit per CB, and they will communicate with central PC.


  • The RTMon system is set up to monitor the signatures/ values of following parameters directly using sensors:
    • Close/ Trip Coil Current, Line/ Fault Current
    • Station DC Voltage
    • Close / Trip Auxiliary Contact Timings (field configurable wet/ dry)
    • Spring charging motor Current & Time
  • RTMon continously monitors static parameters like SF6 gas pressure or density , pneumatic or hydraulic pressure, temperature etc.
  • The RTMon system calculates following parameters:
    • Projected Main Contact Timings.
    • Arcing Time and Fault Clearing Time.
    • Cumulative Fault Current.
  • Provision for mechanism travel available. Can be used if suitable travel transducer with fixture is available.

Features of RTMon Software

  • Viewing, analysis and comparison of test data with previous signatures or pre-set limits.
  • Dynamic calculations on graphical information for easy on-screen analysis
  • I ndication of any abnormality in real time helps planning of diagnostic testing
  • I n a substation having many RTMons, the software stores the signature data in a structured database to relate data to each CB / pole.


  • Trigger: Automatic, on coil current or auxiliary contact change over when the circuit breaker operates.
  • Sampling Rate: 10 kHz
  • Auxiliary Contact: 6 Wet OR Dry contacts, field configurable, 15V to 300V DC input of wet contact.
  • Coil Current: Records 'Trip 1' & 'Close' on 3 channels & 'Trip 2' on 3 channels. Total channels 6. Upto 25A.
  • Line/Fault Current: Records Trip/Close Line/Fault currents on 3 channels for 3 phases.
  • Motor Current: Records Motor current upto 25A and spring charging time upto 60 Sec on 3 Channels.
  • Station DC Voltage: Records variation in Station DC voltage during operation on 2 channels upto 250V DC.
  • Spare Channels: 3 Analog input channels (0-5V input) each for SF6 gas and air or hydraulic pressure.
  • Memory: Inbuilt, non volatile, 256 MB flash.
  • Communication: RF, wired or fiber optic communication with remote PC.
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