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Single Phase Relay Test Kit

SCOPE along with PONOVO Power Co ltd provides solution of single-phase relay test kit is based on offering diversified features which make the relay test kit powerful, easy-to-use and multi-functional. T200A is a relay test kit based on PWM technology.The single phase relay tester has numerous powerful features like Aux DC, low current high VA output. Kit can deliver 2000VA at 20A.


  • Large LCD Display, user friendly interface with easy to operate Rotating Mouse
  • Suitable for the testing of Relays and CTs
  • Adjustment of amplitude, phase angle and frequency
  • Dedicated High Precision on AC/DC current source
  • Check timing and pick up value for AC/DC relay
  • Checks directional, over current and DF/DT relays
  • Check pick-up, instant tripping, 2nd harmonic restraint of differential relay
  • Tests High Burden Relays without any additional accessory
  • PC Interface through USB
  • Advanced High Power Constant Current Source with pulse width modulation technology


Parameters T 200A
AC voltage 10-500V/1200VA(Max)
DC voltage 10-300V/750W(Max)
AC/DC voltage 0-120V, 20-100Hz, 0-360°
AC current 0.2-20A/2000VA, 10-250A/2000VA
DC current 0-200mA
AC/DC current 0-20A, 200 VA
Voltmeter 600V AC/DC
Ammeter 6A AC/DC
Auxiliary DC 20-240V, continuous 0.5A
Binary Inputs 2, auto detection wet or dry contacts, with max measuring time
Binary Outputs 1 potential free contact
Weight 23Kg
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Sverker 750/780

The SVERKER 750/780 Relay Test Set is the engineer's toolbox. The control panel features a logical layout, still SVERKER 650 users will find it comfortably familiar and will be able to start work right away.

The SVERKER 750/780 features many functions that make relay testing more efficient. For example, its powerful measurement section can display (in addition to time, voltage and current) Z, R, X, S, P, Q, phase angle and cos φ. The voltmeter can also be used as a 2nd ammeter(when testing differential relays for example). All values are presented on a single easy-to-read display.

You can also test directional protective equipment efficiantly by means of the built-in variable voltage source. In SVERKER 780 this has a continuous phase shift function and adjustable frequency as well. Automatic reclosing devices can also be tested – just as easily.

Designed to comply with EU standards and other personal and operational safety standards, SVERKER 750/780 is also equipped with a serial port for communication with personal computers and the PC software SVERKER Win. Since the compact SVERKER weighs only 18 kg (39 lbs), it’s easy to move from site to site.

Two or more SVERKER units can also be synchronized, which allows the user to operate a basic 3-phase test set.



  • The engineer’s toolbox for all single phase relay testing
  • Stand-alone functionality
  • Rugged and reliable for field use
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Sverker 650

The Sverker 650 testing unit, whose design incorporates benefits gleaned from many years of experience in field relay testing, enjoys a well-earned reputation for reliability and convenience.Compact and powerful, it provides all of the functions needed for secondary testing of almost all types of single-phase protection now available on the market.

SVERKER 650 features logical design and construction, and it is extraordinarily easy to learn and use. Its compact design and light weight makes it extremely portable.

Auxiliary equipment for SVERKER 650 includes a test lead set and a rugged transport case. Another useful accessory is the ACA120 voltage source which makes it easier to test directional relays



  • Designed for rugged field use
  • 0 to 100 Amp output current
  • Suitable for testing many different types of relays such as power,voltage and current
  • Easy to operate
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As a stand-alone unit the SMRT1 has the “smart” combination of high compliance voltage and high current to test electromechanical, solid state and microprocessor-based overcurrent relays, including voltage controlled, voltage restraint and directional overcurrent; test under/over voltage, single-phase impedance, single-phase power, directional, synchronizing, auto-synchronizing, negative sequence, under/over voltage, current balance, frequency, volts/hertz, reclosing,thermal and various other relays.

The SMRT1 test system has the ability to be manually controlled with Megger’s new Smart Touch View Interface™ (STVI). The STVI, with its large, full color, high resolution, TFT LCD touch screen allows the user to perform manual, steady-state and dynamic testing quickly and easily using the manual test screen, as well as using built-in preset test routines for most popular relays.



  • Small, rugged, lightweight and powerful
  • Operate with or without a computer
  • Intuitive manual operation with Smart Touch View Interface
  • High current, high power (75 Amps/400 VA rms)
  • Network interface provides IEC 61850 test capabilities
  • Fully automated testing using AVTS software
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Three Phase Relay Test Kit

SCOPE along with PONOVO Power Co ltd provides the all numerical relay test kit which can test various type of relays from Numerical to Electromagnetic relays.The Kit is software controlled through ethernet port which make it more relaible.This windows based software is easy to use.Advance software can be made available optionally. 

Brief table giving availability of models is given hereunder.


  • Test all types of relays – Numerical, Electro-mechanical, Static, etc.
  • Three phase and Single phase relays can be tested
  • Sufficient numbers of independent voltage & current generators with wide voltage & current selection range
  • Phase angle, frequency & amplitude of each generator can be varied independently
  • Operates on Single Phase Supply
  • Professional and user friendly software
  • Plotting of bias characteristics & impedance characteristics
  • Inbuilt timer for measurement of relay operation time
  • Relays can be tested based on their characteristics
  • Relay vector diagram can be checked while testing
  • All types of fault simulation from one kit
  • In-built Multimeter and analog signal recording feature
  • Facility for transducer testing and energy meter testing
  • GPS Synchronization facility for end-to-end testing
  • Option for multi-kit interfacing and current booster
  • Option for creation of test set-up and relay library for future use
  • Templates for all types of Relays
  • Disturbance recorder data download and play-back
  • Generation of Harmonics – Harmonic restraint testing
  • IEC 61850 Testing like Goose Publish, Goose subscribe & Goose polling
  • IEC61850 sampled value test feature available in PW series
  • Software modules can be Added as per specific requirement
  • Available in Rugged Case

Ponovo Template service
Ponovo provides relay test template based on relay model from different Relay manufacturer. With the use of template the relay test can be simplified greatly. Each relay test template is a independent file which can be opened in Power Test relay test software. Registered users can download the relay templates from PONOVO website.

PW Series – Universal Relay Test system

Parameters   L336i PW336i PW460 PW636i
Voltage Generators Qty 4
Range 0 to 150V 0 to 300V
Power 60VA @ 120V 45 VA @ 150V 75VA @ 300V

Qty Range Power

Qty 4
Range 0 to 15A 0 to 32A
Power 105VA @ 15A, L-N 150VA @ 15A, L-N 150VA @ 15A, L-N 450VA @ 32A, L-N
Aux DC   0-300V (Optional) 0-300V
Frequency Sine 10Hz – 1000Hz DC, 1 -2000Hz DC, 1 -1000Hz
  Transient - - DC – 10 KHz
Phase Angle -360° to +360°
Binary inputs 4
Counter inputs - 4
Binary outputs 4 8
Low level outputs - 12
Control mode PC PC PC
Weight 8.8kg 20kg
IEC 61850 test facility Yes (Optional)
Energy meter test Yes (Optional)
Transducer test Yes (Optional)
GPS/IRIG-B interface Yes
Amplifier interface - Yes
Current booster interface - Yes
Multi-kits control interface - Yes
O/P monitoring & recording Yes
  • Three Phase Secondary Injection Kit- S40A
  • Independent 3 Voltage & 3 current source
  • Operated through the front color screen
  • Laptop operation facility also available
  • PC Interface through USB
  • Ease of operation
  • Can test Differential relay, Distance, Directional, Overcurrent relays


Parameters S40A
Voltage Source 3 X 300V (L-N), 1 X 600V (L-L)
Power 3 ×85VA at 300V (L-N), 1× 170 VA at 600V (L-L)
Current Source 3 X 40 A (L-N), 1 X 120A (L-L)
Power 3×65VA at 5A(L-N), 3×400VA at 40A(L-N)
Aux DC supply 0, 24V, 110V , 220V
Power 110W at 220V, 55W at 110V, 12W at 24V 1 potential free contact
Phase angle 0° to 360°
Accuracy & resolution 0.2° & 0.1°
Binary inputs 4Nos , 0 to 250V Dc or potential free
Binary outputs 1 potential free contact
PC connection USB
Weight 18Kg
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SMRT 410

The SMRT410 has the “smart” combination of high compliance voltage and high current output to test all electromechanical, solid-state and microprocessor-based overcurrent relays, including; voltage controlled, voltage restraint and high impedance directional ground overcurrent.

The SMRT410 provides a complete multi-phase test system for commissioning of protection systems. With up to 4 voltage channels and 6 high current channels, the SMRT410 meets every testing need. The SMRT410 VIGEN modules also provide high power in BOTH the voltage and current channels to test virtually all types of protective relays. The SMRT410 test system may be customized by adding the number of Voltage-Current, “VIGEN”, modules needed for specific test applications.


  • Test all types of relays – Numerical, Electro-mechanical, Static, etc.
  • Three phase and Single phase relays can be tested
  • Small, rugged, lightweight and powerful
  • Operates with or without a computer
  • Intuitive manual operation with Smart Touch View Interface
  • High current, high power output(60 Amps/300 VA rms) per phase
  • Flexible output design provides up to four-phase voltage and up to ten-phase current
  • Network interface provides IEC 61850 test capabilities
  • Fully automated testing using AVTS software


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The SMRT46 is a multipurpose, light-weight, field portable test set capable of testing a wide variety of electro-mechanical, solid state and microprocessor-based protective relays, motor overload relays and similar protective devices. The SMRT46 has the “smart” combination of small size, light weight, with high power.

For full automatic testing the SMRT46 may be controlled by Megger Advanced Visual Test Software (AVTS). AVTS is a Microsoft® Windows® XP®/Vista™/7/8 compatible software program designed to manage all aspects of protective relay testing using the new Megger SMRT test system.



  • Small, rugged, lightweight and powerful
  • Operate with or without a computer
  • Intuitive manual operation with Smart Touch View Interface
  • High current, high power output (60 Amps/300 VA rms) per phase
  • 4 Voltage channels, 3 Current channels,with convertible voltage channels provides 1 voltage and 6 currents
  • Dynamic, Transient and GPS Satellite Synchronized End-to-End Testing Capability
  • IEC 61850 Testing Capability


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Sverker 900

The SVERKER 900 Relay and Substation Test System is the engineer’s ultimate toolbox that addresses the increasing need for three-phase testing capability in electrical distribution substations, renewable power generation stations and industrial applications. The intuitive user interface is presented on the LCD touch screen. It has a powerful combination of current and voltage sources and a versatility of measurement possibilities.

The SVERKER 900 is specifically designed for basic, manual threephase secondary testing of protection devices. In addition, various primary testing can be performed, since the current and voltage sources can be series- and/or parallel connected to allow for up to 105 A AC or 900 VAC output. All three current and four voltage sources can be individually adjusted with respect to amplitude, phase angle and frequency. The fourth voltage source allows for testing of numerical relays that needs a reference voltage simulating. 



  • The toolbox for substation 3-phase testing
  • Three currents and four voltages
  • Stand-alone functionality
  • Rugged and reliable for field use
  • Generation of 900 V and 105 A in single phase mode
  • Secondary and primary testing