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MTS 301

MTS 301

Energy meter is one of the most important component in the electricity generation & supply system. The revenue of the generation, transmission and distribution organizations is highly depended on the accuracy of the energy meters. If the the energy meter malfunctions or becomes inaccurate, there can be a huge loss to these organizations.

Energy Meters are susceptible to malfunctioning because of many factors, which directly affects its accuracy. Thereby directly influencing the revenue of service provider / supplier.

SCOPE’s meter testing system is a Handheld Unit used for online testing of both Three Phase meters as well as Single Phase meters and different metering systems. Again, it is used for both Static meters and Electromagnetic meters etc. It records KW,KWH,KVAR, KVARH, Power factor, Phase angle, etc. With these functions, it is widely used in Power Utility, ubstations,Telecom machine room, Power consumption examination, Circuit breakage inspection, Power abnormality analysing, Asset Management and Industrial Production Management.


  • Smart, portable and easy touch-screen (TFT) operation
  • Combination of electricity meter tester and power quality analyzer
  • Online monitor for real-time data testing and comparison
  • Test result playback on screen and transferable to PC for report printing
  • User-friendly interface and vivid screen display, simplify on-site testing power meters


Parameter MTS101 MTS301
Voltage Signal Input: Direct Input
 Input Impedance >2MΩ, 20pF
 Testing Voltage Range 10 to 500Vrms ±0.5% 10 to 700Vrms ±0.5%
 Peak Voltage  700V 1000V
 Power consumption <0.5VA / phase
Current Signal Input: Indirect input, with different current clamps
Testing Current Range 20Arms, 60Arms, 100Arms ±0.5% 20Arms, 500Arms, 1000Arms ±0.3%
Power consumption <2.0VA/phase head
Frequency range 40 Hz to 70Hz ±0.01Hz
Measurement accuracy
Active power & Active Energy ±0.5%
Reactive power & Reactive energy ±1.0%
Power factor ±0.005
Screen and memory
Screen 320 x 240, 3.5” TFT LCD touch-screen 640 x 480, 3.5” TFT LCD touch-screen
Memory Internal 16 MB Flash / External 256MB
PC Connectivity USB port available
Power supply 100 to 240VAC /16.8VDC-1A adaptor for Rechargeable Li-ion battery
Weight and Dimension 0.7kg, 277 × 169 × 36mm mm
Environment 0 to 50∘ C max, 95% RH (non-condensing)
Insulation >100MΩ, 2kVAC / 50Hz, 1 min >2MΩ,1500VAC / 50Hz, 1 min
Impulse constant FL = 3600×(5/Ie)P / kWh, Where Ie is CT range
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