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Retrofitting at Sub-station
Change in technology has opened the door for this business. Generating stations/ sub-stations which were made Live few decades back were now falling behind due to lack of technology. In earlier days most of the relays were electro-mechanical type. Maintaining this relays now-a-days is becoming a challenge in itself.

New edge technology relays which are able to communicate with grid in the most recent communication option are available. Which would help in up-gradation & give the correct status to grid are required.

Thus in order to be in line with recent technology many Generating stations /sub-stations are opting for retrofitting of these relays. We with our expertise are providing the best solutions to the customer.

Grid Automation / RTU based automation
Due to drive from central government to bring all existing/ new substation at a common platform for communicating which could ensure the smooth running of Grid. Retrofitting of all the existing equipments like Transformer, CB, Relays is not possible because of financial or any other constraints.

SCOPE in association with VIZIMAX offers an intelligent and efficient module based automation solution on the RightWON platform for Generation, Transmission & Distribution. With the help of RightWON platform, we can do.

Automation and modernisation of Power Generation Sites by connecting them to the network, safely and reliably by remotely controllable automated activation or termination of IPPs’ sites, Lock/unlock remotely the circuit breaker at the production site based on network conditions and security requirements, Energy value acquisition of each generated phases within each IPP’s site, Automatic generation of reports and statements of measured values for IPP’s central operation centre, Real-time transmission of signal and alarm communications to IPP’s central operation centre, Local event journal generated on all status changes and parameters affecting network outages and many more functions.

Substation Automation
Flexible, Interoperable and Secure Solutions for All Substation Configurations – legacy level to full DNP3/IEC 61850 IEDs; Meet NERC critical infrastructure protection (CIP) requirements; Serve as a gateway between energy protocols and multiple providers of SCADA systems through the OPC DA or UA standard; Communication with SCADA; Scalable and redundant solutions through expansion modules and plug-ins; Clock synchronization compliant with the IEEE 1588 standard.

Distribution Automation
for power utilities’ networks through Decentralized Intelligence having the features like Self-Healing Grid; Fault Detection, Isolation and Restoration (FDIR); Volt/VAR Optimization; Feeder protection & control; Telemetry/PMU etc.

In totality, RightWON platform & SynchroTeq Plus provides a baseline for Merging of

Features and Advantages of RightWON System:

Features and Advantages of RightWON System: